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Party Palmistry

See what shows on people's hands!

Party palmistry is irresistibly alluring and entertaining and will always capture your guest's curiosity! Invite me to read hands at your party or corporate event - anywhere in the world. I'll warmly greet your guests and introduce myself, then I'll offer mini-readings (either privately or amongst the group) for those who would like me to look at their hands. This facilitates relaxed 'ice-breaking' conversation amongst your guests.

See what shows on people's hands!

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Hi, I am Jennifer Hirsch, a Chirologist, Hand Reader, Palmist and Mosaic Artist. I’ve read hands and taught chirology for over 20 years. Please subscribe to receive my blog. To receive a daily mini-hand reading lesson, visit my facebook page where you are welcome to post your valued comments. I live in Johannesburg. Welcome to my site!

    Simian Series

    What are Simian Lines? Simian lines, better termed the single palmar transverse crease (SPTC), occur when the water (heart) line and the air (head) line fuse, to form only one horizontal line across the palm. The quadrangle is entirely missing. It’s more often found in one hand only and men are ...

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    Click-on-a-Pic Hand Reading Tips

    Greetings Beloveds You are invited to learn about your own and other's hands at my Facebook page. For a free daily chirology, hand reading and palmistry tip, simply ‘Click-on-a-Pic’ …  enjoy ... and please share!    The current topic is ‘Thumbs’. Here are three recent blogs, offered in the spirit of sharing what I have learned about the heart-beat ...

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    Chirology mini-Blog-a-Day Update

    Hello again dear friends My chirology mini-blog-a-day posts on Facebook and Twitter are going strong. Using a blog-a-day format, my plan is to preserve, and to demystify, Five Element Chirology. For several reasons, it feels right and good for me to be doing this. Come one or many, I’m feeling compelled ...

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    Chirology - Hand Reading - Palmistry

    A warm hello! Every day I post a mini-hand chirology or palmistry topic at my facebook page.  You are invited to participate by commenting on those which interest you. Please like my God Given Glyphs page to receive these informative snippets. The mini-lessons are free, and they are worth it! Here are two ...

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    Chirology - Life's Battles

    “Hollow palms signal karmic debt.” This is what my first palmistry teacher taught me.  That the look and feel of the middle of the palms, or ‘plains of Mars’, represent “where the battles of life takes place”. That if they are hollow, and more so if they are rayed with ...

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    Chirology Blog - My Passion – My Purpose

    Passion and purpose. Sounds so easy. We are told “be true to yourself and you’ll find your passion” and “your passion is your purpose”. Yet  do we ever agonise with first of all finding our passion, not to mention then figuring a way to make a viable income doing what we ...

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    Nail Biting Times

    When we meet someone who bites their nails, we know they are stressed. But what, from the perspective of five element chirology might be the true, deep-down reasons for this compulsion? Onychophagia, otherwise known as finger-nail munching, reveals for hand readers a disquieting tale of what the person’s nervousness is ...

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    Sweaty Palms

    Whether a set of hands are mildly moist, or if the bearer suffers from the more extreme condition of palmar hyperhidrosis, a chirologist will know that they experience life in terms of feelings. In the five element system of hand reading, water relates to emotions. We experience life through our skin, ...

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    Differences between Chirology and Palmistry

    I call the system of five element chirology that I teach ‘the evolution of palmistry’. Chirology embraces Palmistry, in that traditional western Palmistry is a storehouse for research, and a treasure of hand reading know-how. Chirology is an umbrella term, meaning ‘knowledge of the hand’. Many of the palmistic interpretations ...

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    Chirology – Telling Your Story

    In our longing for well, happy, strong, joyful, in the now, positive feelings, many of us must explore the terrain, with honesty and courage, of the then. It is said ‘you can’t be in the now until you have dealt with the then’. Telling your story facilitates integration, acceptance and ...

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    Glyphs are the patterns of skin ridges on the inner surface of our hands and feet. The term ‘glyph’ derives from the scientific term ‘dermatoglyphic’ (Gr. derma – skin/glyphe – carving).

    Chirology is the study and interpretation of the shapes, forms and markings of hands. I’ve been a hand reader for 23 years. You are welcome to meet with me either  in person or online that  I may share with you my knowledge and experience of hand analysis and my approach. Five element chirology is counselling based dialogue therapy. I’m not a fortune teller and I don’t read the future.

    I offer private readings from my home in Johannesburg. Skype readings work really well too. For more information visit

    I also teach an interesting monthly topic workshop, these are very popular and often open the way for students to enrol in my nine lesson in-depth practitioner training course, either with me personally, or in home study format.  If you feel drawn to people’s hands and would like to profoundly enrich your counselling skills you’ll find more about courses here

    My written and published material comprises my book “God Given Glyphs”, 2 terrific ebooks and a 130 page in-depth training manual.

    God Given Glyphs is my pride and joy. I gathered the sample prints (the book has over 150 illustrations) and the associated meanings in a practical and systematic way from far and wide. But the magic of this book is that so much of what I downloaded and present was channelled through me.  I know this because of the joy and inspiration I so often felt when crafting the sentences after happily landing at my desk at 6a.m. for the many years it took me to write! As far as I know there exists no other book with such close-up images of finger prints. Scroll down to read more about God Given Glyphs below.

    My 2 ebooks “The Craft of Hand Reading” and “Traits of being A – Z” are illustrated with graphics and truly are a perfect place for any beginner hand reader to begin.  The Craft of Hand Reading describes the five element system which is the system I use and teach (there are several differing hand reading systems to choose or draw from) and Traits of Being shows how to cross reference the hands to assure accuracy (no one marking on a hand should ever be read in isolation).  Please click on the sample pages on the right  to get a better idea of just how user-friendly these ebooks are.

    My training manual comprises 130 pages of sheer juice. It is fully illustrated with hundreds of hand print samples. This is what each student receives but I also sell the manual separately. Please email me for more information.

    What you can expect to learn – there are five parts to chirology.

    Earth Arch

    Earth Arch

    Earth – physical – I MATTER – the ’loom’
    On the earth level of chirology, we learn about the historical origins of palmistry. We study the morphology of the hands and their markings, together with the five element system, the ‘language of the elements’. Learning to reassuringly take people’s hands in yours, with consideration for the ethical and record keeping criteria required of a consultant, are earthy basics. This is the scientific stuff, the framework, that which in hand reading is dependable, definable, tangible and practical. Seekers can expect their chirologist to look into their health, family, home and financial matters in this earth realm.


    Water Loop

    Water Loop

    Water – emotional – I FEEL – the ‘texture’
    In pushing into the emotional heartland of our self-worth, relationship and sexual lives, we are most exposed. If you go for a reading, expect to receive insightful feedback about your situation, with reassurance, nurturing, support, forgiveness and empathy from your hand reader. There are many signs on hands that show what we go through on the intimate, personal, feeling level.


    Fire Tented Arch

    Fire Tented Arch

    Fire – vocational – I ACT – the ‘colours’
    To be a hand reader, you’ll need enthusiasm, motivation, energy to take people’s palm prints, and courage to speak your truth. Fire energy is about focus, intention and will. The fire realm is where we discuss your levels of joie-de-vivre, any struggles with creative vs. self-annihilating urges, and your optimal vocation.

    Air Whorl

    Air Whorl

    Air – intellectual – I THINK – the ‘design’
    At this level, for both me and for my clients and students, it’s about articulate communication. There is a saying, that ‘words are the tools of our trade, and the medicine of our profession’. Healing happens on many levels, but on the air level, vocabulary, listening, and my facilitating the telling of your story, are key. In air, I teach hand readers how to impartially and objectively observe, investigate, analyse, theorise and research, all air element principles.




    Chi – spiritual – I AM – the ‘thread’
    Chi is Source – of the flow of intuitive and psychic perceptions that we all have. You don’t have to be psychic to read hands, because you already are. Chi represents the highest realms of spiritual wisdom, detached compassion and consciousness. In the chi realms of a chirology reading we discuss philosophy, belief, religious identity and spiritual destiny, the stuff that ultimately binds it all together.

    Palmistry has and always will have its shadow companion, the ‘crafty’, deceptive, wily unscrupulous charlatan ‘reader’, who uses shrewdness, guile, cunning and the ‘gift of the gab’ for unethical purposes. Historically, the power and magic of this ancient craft is feared by many, thus practiced by few.

    Our hands, and our fingerprints, are our personal guides to self-understanding.

    I teach and promote chirology as a counselling and touch therapy that deserves to be more sensitively understood, and more commonly practiced. The language of the elements is all-embracing, all-inclusive and applies to all humanity. Chirology is helpful for many purposes, conditions, or situations. A hand reading is a universal remedy that accommodates every human being.

    About ‘God Given Glyphs’

    God’s inscriptions on our fingertips offer irrefutable proof of our individual identity – and our Oneness. It is true that each fingerprint glyph is unique, yet all seven billion of us share only seven basic glyph patterns. We are all different, and we are all the same – how fascinating our diversity, and our unity!

    Our glyphs compose only four primary patterns: arches, loops, triradii and whorls. Together these four shapes form the seven glyphs: simple arches, loops, tented arches, whorls, double loops, peacock’s eye’s and ‘accidentals’. Basic patterns of behaviour are encoded in these cosmic forms. Fingerprint glyphs are not only an irrefutable mark of our identity – they also describe individual psychological profiles, each with their own behavioural traits.

    In God Given Glyphs, Jennifer Hirsch presents over 200 images of the cosmic patterns that cover our palmar surfaces. The samples were chosen from her collection of thousands of hand prints, and include contributions from criminal records. The illustrations are accompanied by meanings for when the glyph patterns are on thumbs, index, middle, ring and baby fingers, and the palm.

    This glyph pattern guidebook enables you to easily identify your individual fingerprint patterns, so as to understand more about yourself; physically, emotionally, vocationally, mentally and spiritually. GGG is a chirology ‘bible’, designed to draw attention to the newest developments in hand reading today.

    Read a review of ‘God Given Glyphs’

    God Given Glyphs ~ Decoding Fingerprints – The How-to of Hand Reading includes:

    • Discussions about the vital role of intuition and of chi principles in chirology
    • Easy reference close up visuals of fingerprints with meanings and explanations
    • Guidelines and recommendations for all hand readers, counsellors and therapists
    • Simple explanations about how to read hands with chirology’s interpretative system – ‘the language of the elements’
    • Lots of facts about hand shapes, skin textures, mounts, lines, fingers, thumbs, dermatoglyphs and much more
    • Information about the relationship between dermatoglyphs and health
    • An extensive up-to-date glossary of hand reading terms

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    I recommend GGG to anyone wishing to learn Hand Analysis based on the 5 elements.  L.S.