NBCU 4.8.15Chirologist, writer, intuitive counsellor, hand reading teacher and mosaic artist Jennifer Hirsch has pioneered chirology in South Africa since 1991. She lives in Johannesburg where she reads people’s hands and teaches chirology.

“My work has always been about counselling and healing. I began working as massage therapist in 1979 and began incorporating hand reading into my therapy practice in 1991.

Soon I was a teacher of hand reading and a writer, as well as being passionate about doing mosaic art. I’m blessed too with 3 beloved grown-up children – Adam, Nandita and Kelly.

My early hand reading teachers and mentors were the late Brian Friend, who taught me palmistry, and Christopher Jones from the ex British Cheirological Society, who wrote and administered the home study training course that gave me a very good grounding in the principles of 5 element chirology.

I founded the Chirology Centre of South Africa when I began studying hands in January 1991. The ebooks ‘Craft of Hand Reading’ and ‘Traits of Being’ evolved out of the training manuals I compiled over years of teaching people how to read hands.

The idea for my book ‘God Given Glyphs’ first came to me in 2004. It took me more than 5 years to write and compile. Much of it is channelled. It is a very deep, authentic sharing of a hand reading career that has been and is my destiny. Hands and healing are a calling heard deep within my soul.”

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