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Fingers – Droplets

Droplets are little protuberances of flesh that look as if a drop of water could fall from the pad of the tips of the fingers.

People with droplets have a receptively sensitive sense of touch. They will prefer natural fabrics and will often reach to gently feel the textures in their environment. Droplets on fingers are reservoirs for over and above average quotas of nerve endings, making for tactile, sensual, touchy feely responses to all forms of beauty.

Droplets are also a sign in hands of kindness and compassion in the person, who is sensitive to suffering, and who, with their developed sense of touch, is drawn to working in therapeutic and healing professions. They are diplomatic and will avoid hurting others with the spoken word.

It’s been suggested too that because of their good sense of touch, that people with droplets don’t drop things.


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Glyphs – Double Loop on Venus Mount

Glyphs – Double Loop on Venus Mount

I received this singularly remarkable sample of a double loop on a Venus mount from the South African Police Service Criminal Record Centre. It is cropped from a print of the hand of a convicted murderer.

Earthy Venus mounts relate to sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and passion, while watery double loops symbolize emotional sensitivity, imagination and duality.

The feelings and actions of the owner of a double loop on a Venus mount would surely be influenced by the swampy and destabilizing combination of the elements earth and water.

In chirology’s language of the elements, this imprint evidences suffering. The bearer experiences unmanageably turbulent emotional and sexual undercurrents. Thankfully, this glyph pattern is very rare.


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Glyphs – 4 Main Patterns – Radial Loop – Water

When the hand is divided in half vertically, the thumb side is the radial, and the baby finger side is the ulnar. The in-flow and the outflow of radial loops’ ridges are both on the thumb side of the fingertip. There is one triradius. Radial loops are reversed ulnar loops.

Mostly, radial loops reside on water (index) fingers, sometimes on earth (middle) fingers and more occasionally on fire (ring) fingers. Finding a radial loop on a thumb or baby finger would be very unusual.

The radial side of our hands represents our relationship with the external. The open side of the radial loop glyph is vulnerably exposed to the outer world. Radial loops open so receptively, which could compel their owners toward the hospitality, service and healing professions. Radial loops often belong to the emotionally sensitive counsellor or motherly caretaker, who embraces, ‘takes in’, nurtures and protects.

But if the owner was severely criticized as a child, their confidence is harmed, and they look to external validation as a source of self-esteem. This formative conditioning of not being good enough results in the need to please. Like the savior who self-sacrifices and then feels drained, care givers with radial loops might need to better define their personal boundaries.

Radial loop owners absorb nuances, calibrate people and situations, take cues and improvise, so as to fit in with what is expected of them. On a hand with long straight water fingers with strong thumbs, the person is can individuate and assume their own authority. This glyph pattern can also signal a versatile, adaptable self-employed entrepreneur.


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Archetypes – Gypsy Palm Reader

The Gypsy is a powerful archetype that is deeply ingrained in our psyches and which is inextricably intertwined with the hand reading craft.

The Romany Gypsy’s are a minority ethnic group from India who migrated westwards via eastern Europe, taking traditional Indian palmistry with them. They lived an ever-changing nomadic lifestyle, close to nature. Needing special skills to survive, they worked as tinkers, entertainers and crystal ball and palm readers. In the archetype, their lifestyle is romantic, exotically colorful and free spirited, an unconventional life lived amidst a fusion of cultural influences.

Many of the Gypsy archetypes’ qualities, such as independence, flexibility, creativity, courage and groundedness are intrinsic to any hand reader’s sacred bundle. Also, we could not work our craft without verbal agility and intuition. Much like the charming, adaptable and accommodating Gypsy chiromancer, we welcome in and are enlivened by the flow of life through our doors. We meet, speak and listen to people from all walks of life.

Gypsy palm readers practice chiromancy, which is the way of reading hands from more clairvoyant realms of intuitive perception. But Gypsy’s have suffered terrible persecution and been branded crafty. In 1530, a law was passed in England that condemned their “greate subtyll and crafty meanes of deceiving people through Palmistry”. In the collective psyche, palm readers embody the archetypal charlatan fortune teller, who asks for their palm to be crossed with silver before they tell you some or other often disturbing nonsense.

Understandably, the skill of having the gift of the gab is maligned in people’s minds as likely being used for deceptive mischief. But  we hand readers today bear the brunt of deep preconceptions and fear in people who project onto us the same suspicious prejudice suffered by the Romani people.


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Hands in the Bible.

The Bible forbids and condemns divination and some people are adamant that palmistry practitioners are doing the work of the Devil. To quote one such believer; “God hates fortune telling, divination and observing of times like astrology as it deceives people and keeps them away of enquiring about God’s plan for their life.”

It’s no use arguing that, for the most part, palmistry is no longer the domain of charlatans, but instead has evolved into an ethics based, supportive and profoundly healing counselling and coaching therapy. In modern day chirology we don’t tell fortunes, predict or divine the future.

There is no direct mention of palmistry in the Bible, but hands are mentioned in several passages:
“Long life is in her right hand, in her left hand are riches and honor” – Proverbs, 3:16
“For what have I done?  What guilt is on my hands?” – Samuel, 26:18
“Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of My hands” – Isiah, 49:16

Persecuted esotericists of the Middle Ages believed that this passage, from Job 37:7: “He sealeth up the hand of every man, that all men may know his work” both validated and endorsed the art of chiromancy.


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