Glyphs – Arch (earth element)

glyphs archWhen meditating on a hill in nature, one soon gets a sense of the hill’s enduring, reliable and steady simplicity. These earthy characteristics, so easily evoked from the visual image of a simple hill, begin to describe the unpretentious traits evident in people with arches on their fingertips. Arch bearers need quietness, peace, privacy and alone time. Theirs is a deeply kind and nurturing love for family, animals and the earth. An arch on a hand also suggests that the owner has a certain inhibition, caution and reserve, which slows their adaptation to new ideas and increases their resistance to change. This pattern adds realistic pragmatism and seriousness of mind. Bearers are often hard working, capable and good with their hands , with good concentration and fixity of purpose. This marker hints at manual skills in people who also have a sensual, gentle and healing sense of touch. Those with even one arch on their hands would bring a calming influence to a crisis situation.

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