Double Loop (water element)

18 glyphs double loopsThe exquisite double loop glyph pattern directly associates with the meanings of the universal symbol of balance between polarities, the yin yang. People with double loops inscribed on their fingertips try to look at both sides of any given situation.


With subjective, personal matters, this might find them adrift and wavering in uncertain inner conflict, confusion and self-doubt, perhaps changing their minds and vacillating a great deal. But with others, they are the judicial, diplomatic “Devil’s advocate”. The water rulership bestows acute sensitivity thus this marker is shows up on the hands of true psychics, and on those who are able to dowse with rods and pendulums. The strong water influence also signals emotion and bearers are often on an emotional roller coaster. Shadow traits are moodiness, evasive escapism, and depression.


Life challenges are themed around issues of inner balance, fairness and idealism. The double loop is a ‘composite’ pattern, made up of combinations of basic patterns, in this case, two loops that intertwine. Two triradii support, one on either side.


  • The double loop is a double water element glyph – two loops intertwine in different directions, forming a yin yang type symbol.
  • This attractive marking magnifies sensitivity and highlights intuition and psychic ability in a person.
  • The yin yang evokes images of opposites, polarity, two sides of a situation, and balance.
  • Owners have a sense of justice and a dislike of bias.
  • In it’s unredeemed qualities, the water element may aspect turbulence, confusion, vacillation, manipulation and the tendency to hypersensitivity.
  • In traditional Indian palmistry this composite pattern is called Shakti.

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