Glyphs – Tented Arch (fire element)

glyph tentedarchThe tented arch glyph pattern evokes the image of fiery volcanic stirrings (the triradius) beneath a mountain (the arch). People with this pattern have underlying power, passion, enthusiasm and spontaneity. They probably crave stimulation and will seek avenues of creative self-expression. They may have vigorous pioneering and leadership qualities, even becoming so fired up about their beliefs that they endeavor to reform or “fix” the lives of others. Because fire gone rampant is aggressive and dangerous, this degree of hot-headed intensity may destabilize them. Zealous attitudes may be misdirected, becoming instead their feverishly fervent “crusade”.
Consider too the possibility of opposite meanings. The influence of the earthy arch that forms the ‘draped tent’ over the fire ruled triradius could suggest a smothering of fire energy that might magnify feelings of inertia. Tented arches are the least common of the glyphs. They mostly show up on water and occasionally on earth fingers. Tented arch. The tented arch glyph looks like a volcano about to erupt and one can visually see the packed energy potential in the pattern.


Some key words for people with tented arches are activity, creativity, energy, spontaneity and enthusiasm.


Bearers of tented arches have the restless impatience and erratic spontaneity of a volcano!


When the fire element is strong in the hands the person tends to burn the candle at both ends. It’s like they are ‘too much for themselves’.


They can crack up (explode/erupt) and are advised to make use of earth and water energy (in nature, or to spend time with other people who are more calm) to sedate their fire.

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