The Whorl Glyph

glyph whorlThe lonely image of “the tree that stands in the desert” is a metaphor for the whorl pattern’s psychological profile. The air element associates with thought, theory, ideology, observation and analysis. By way of a broad introduction to what whorls on hands might indicate, people with this marking need space. They are independent thinkers, who want ‘to know’, and then often, ‘to teach’. Rather than following others’ regulations, whorl types are self-reliant, and often self-employed in service professions. These are not the “yes, sir, no sir, three bags full sir” compliant type employees. They work best unsupervised. People with whorls make good communicators, yet they remain essentially private people who need alone time. Some difficulty with intimacy is often characterised, as invisible air is the space, the separation between us. When we take too much space, we detach. Whorl patterns are formed from concentric (see illustration), or spiraling, skin ridges. Two triradii support the whorl, one on either side. Whorls, whether in bull’s eye or spiral form, evoke impressions and images from soul such as inaccessible, isolated, alone, solitary, closed circuit, etc.


Here we have the independent type who tends to detach or even closes off the deepest part of themselves.


Those with five or more whorls on their fingertips have been described as being so individualistic that they are as “the tree that stands in the desert”.


In traditional Indian palmistry, whorls are called chakras

Here is an amusing (and rather horribly fated!) Chinese folk fingerprint formula, but bear in mind that this is very old fashioned.

In hand reading we no longer see any feature of the hand as showing a ‘destiny’. Many people, given the right tools, have free will to determine, at least to a fair extent, their reality.

One whorl indicates poverty
Two whorls indicate riches
Three and four whorls good aspect to open a pawnshop
Five whorls for a mediator
Six whorls for a thief
Seven whorls very bad, indicates catastrophes
Eight whorls and you will eat chaff
Nine whorls with a loop and there will be no work for you to do, and plenty of food till old age


And ten w

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