One Year Chirology Training Course – 2018 – Johannesburg

Are you drawn towards people’s hands, and to learning more about how to read them?
Let me assist you to find the courage within yourself to take, with kindness and compassion, the hands of your fellow man in yours.
By the end of 2018, students will feel confident enough to run their own chirology practice.
The course is for anyone who’d like to include counseling and coaching with chirology as part of their healer’s toolkit.

  • course begins late Jan/early Feb 2018, by arrangement, with the date for each further lesson decided by group agreement
  • comprises 20 Lessons of 2.5 hours each
  • we explore all aspects of hand reading, past and present trends, including scientific health research
  • we identify and interpret the markings on the hands, e.g. morphology (shapes and forms), textures, dermatoglyphics, lines etc
  • we learn about cutting edge counseling and coaching systems
  • we cover an in-depth exploration of intuitive perception  and psychic development, with suggestions and techniques for how to trust yourself and your integrity
  • together we explore the process of channelling information and healing energy, while holding a sacred and safe space
  • we develop our vocabulary based upon the principles of the 5 elements 
  • after the 6th lesson you will have enough knowledge to begin ‘hand charts’, which means that you can begin to analyse hands almost immediately
  • maximum of 4 students – intention set for intimacy and trust

You Receive:

  • a copy of my published book: ‘God Given Glyphs – Decoding Fingerprints – Chirology – the How-to of Hand Reading’
  • an A4 x 130 page, comprehensive thoroughly illustrated bound manual (a book in itself) containing the course information and lots of beautiful clear sample prints
  • 2 x handy and helpful illustrated ebooks (printed and bound for your convenience)
  • assorted sets of prints and weekly notes as reference guides for your studies
  • a set of your own prints with which to work
  • a certificate upon completion

Investment:   R12,800.  R3,000 deposit with the balance payable by arrangement. 

Dates and Times: Begins late Jan/early Feb. Weekday mornings or Saturday afternoons. Dates and times to be decided after each lesson by group agreement.

Place: Dundalk Avenue, cnr Kilkenny Road – Parkview – Johannesburg. Safe parking. 

An A4 file, alphabetical file dividers, plastic pockets, pens, one each of orange, blue, red, green and purple pencil crayon. You’ll also need to purchase a palm printing kit – consisting of a 10cm rubber (not sponge) lino roller and a 500ml bottle of Rolfes black water soluble lino ink. I’ll provide you with a suitable tile.

Home Study Course – 2018

The training offers an enlightening and fascinating study of the science, art and craft of chirology, palmistry, chiromancy and hand reading. Designed for you to study in your own time, from home, along with Skype Q & A sessions with me, this hand reading correspondence course deepens self-inquiry and offers powerful tools for counseling and coaching with chirology.

  • The course consists of 9 Lessons, with each aspect of chirology introduced clearly and systematically.
  • The full content of the online training is sent to you via email. SA students option is to receive the material in hard copy via post.
  • Each module has a worksheet (a set of questions) that you are invited to answer and submit to me (via return email) for marking and comment, before you continue to the next module.
  • For your ‘9th module’, you’ll submit your analysis of a set of hand prints of a person of your choice. You’ll evolve the ‘exam’ analysis, step by step, as you proceed with the training. Instructions on how to submit the ‘exam’ analysis is included in Lesson One.

In this training, you’ll acquire a deep understanding of the scientific, dialoguing and intuitive layers of the hand reading craft.

In your enrolling in the chirology training, I commit to being your chirology tutor for a period of  up to 24 months from date of payment. Best is that you to endeavor to complete the course within a 1 to 2 year period but if for unforeseen reasons this isn’t possible, we can extend the time.

Upon enrolling to home study with me, you’ll receive:

  • a link to download your 130 page A4 illustrated Chirology Training Manual
  • a link to the online ePub version of my book Chirology – God Given Glyphs – Fingerprints
  • copies of my 2 eBooks “The Craft of Hand Reading” and “Traits of Being – A – Z” via email
  • 8 lessons with worksheets and support notes in word, .pdf and .jpg documents
  • a Skype meet up during each of the 9 modules

On completion – an elegant certification.

Option for SA students only – course material in hard copy via post.

Where: In the privacy of your home.
When: At your pace, over a period of 2 years, or less.
Investment: SA students: R8,400. Outside of SA: $850

Optional for SA students only: Add R300 for me posting you the full training in hard copy.
Payment: Outside of South Africa? Order directly from my SHOP or contact me to discuss payment terms.
Inside South Africa? Kindly email me for more info.

Course Content

Lesson One

What is Chirology? Differences between Chirology and Palmistry. History of Hand Reading. Other Systems of Hand Reading. Observing Hands from a Distance. Size – Shakes – Gestures – Rings. Printing the Palms. Creating Hand Charts.

Lesson Two

The 5 Element System – the Language of the Elements. The Principle of Graduated Materiality. Governing Principles of the Elements. Elemental Compatibility. Counseling – the 5 Realms. Ethics – Professional Standards of Conduct. Communication. Touch – Energy – Holding Hands. Intuition – Psychic Development – Past and Future.

Lesson Three

Structure of Hands – Nomenclatures. Which Hand do we Read? Archetypes. Hand Shapes. Skin Textures. Mounts. Freckles – Scars – Warts – Calluses. Mount Markings.

Lesson Four

Digital Dermatoglyphics. Palmar Dermatoglyphics. Triradii. Glyphs and Health. The Thumb. Thumb Angle – Set – Flexibility. Thumb Phalanges – Length – Breadth – Tip.

Lesson Five

Digits – the 5 Identities. Finger Lengths – Phalanges. Smooth – Knotty – Bent. Spaces Between Fingers. Flexibility – Set – Tips. Rings – Nails.

Lesson Six

Intro to Lines – Chirogrammeognomy. Earth (life) Line. Water (heart) Line. Fire (Mars) Line. Air (head) Line. Sydney Line. Simian Line. Lineal Width – Flow – Length – Markings. Chronology – Can Events be Timed on the Hand?

Lesson Seven

Minor Lines. Minor Earth (fate) Line. Upper Minor Water (via Lascivia) Line. Lower Minor Water (allergy) Lines. Minor Fire (Apollo/Sun) Line. Minor Air (health) Line.

Lesson Eight

Subsidiary Lines. Subsidiary Markings. Marriage and Children in Hands. Famous Hands. Submit your Hand Chart Analysis.

Lesson Nine

Mudras (hand gestures). Review of your submitted Hand Chart Analysis. Doing a Reading – Step by Step. Your Practice – Environment – Seating – Recording. Licensing and Registration. Party Palmistry.

Private Lessons

During these intimate discussions I offer a two-fold benefit – of both the how-to of hand reading – with a week by week exploration into your story as evidenced in your own two hands. A deeply personal, integrative, therapeutic, healing x 9 session commitment to self-enquiry, combined with comprehensive training in this powerful healing modality.
  •  this course is 9 lessons in duration, 2.5 hours per lesson
  • all course material
  • after the third lesson you will have enough knowledge to begin ‘hand charts’, which means that you can begin to analyse hands almost immediately
  • we work with our live hands and with handprints

Kindly email me for full prospectus

When: Flexible times, 2.5 hours per session.
Where:  Johannesburg  – Dundalk Avenue, Parkview.
Cost: R8,400.00 – deposit of R3,000.00 – balance of payment terms flexible.
Please call Jen 082 415 0653 or email

Chirology Topic Workshops 2018

2018 topic workshops – to be announced

Knowledge about chirology, hand reading and palmistry, an opportunity to meet new friends, tea and eats.

Date:  Saturday 2018.
Where: Johannesburg  – Dundalk Avenue, Parkview.
Time: 1.45 – 4.45 p.m.
Price: R460. Deposit R200 please.


“I can’t tell you how the course has impacted on my path! Fantastic! I lost my ‘normal’ job and after much fighting and CCMA action, it’s now all a blur of the past. Lessons learnt and the power of affirmations duly respected ???? I am now a full time ‘guesser’ – I still can’t believe it! I often think about you and how you coped in your beginning years of doing this type of work as a full time job. The ups and downs of client visitations I’m sure also drove you nutz in the beginning. But there is this wonderful freedom attached to following your heart. I have seen a lovely increase in the palmistry of late and I’m (as always) really enjoying doing the readings for people.”
Leoni Hibbert SA

“Just a short note to thank you formally for the last nine weeks.  It is really of tremendous value to me. I am looking forward to all the new people I am going to meet by practicing what you taught me. Thank you and God Bless. Your friend and grateful pupil.”
Marie Cloete SA

“I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday, it provided me with a space that I haven’t created for myself in while. I thought that you facilitated it very well and your presence was one of compassion. My curiosity and interest in chirology was further deepened. Thank you so much for what you provide, I see the benefits of knowing thyself through this art form.”
Dee Searle SA

“THANK YOU. I have enjoyed learning all about Chirology. It has been structured, insightful and amazing. Your support has been invaluable and it was comforting to know you were there for guidance when I needed it. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in Hands and what they may say about a person to do your course. You learn in a structured way using the elements as your base foundation. Jen gives you her unique take on many areas of the hand which is enlightening. She also encourages you to work with your intuition. I now feel confident with the knowledge I have and thank Jen again for giving me the skills to go forward with my Chirology journey.”
Kim Barker UK

Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday, it was really great for the soul! Enjoyed it very much. :) Can’t wait to start the course. ” Lianne du Toit SA

“What a great time I had! J It was truly an opportunity for me, just by attending this session!  It provided me with knowledge about the hidden treasures in my hands.  Treasures I would have not known if our paths never met.  Further, it is always a pleasure to share these high level spiritual teachings with wonderful people that were there on Saturday – you guys are amazing!  I owe you guys nothing but gratitude and love.  I just can’t wait for next uplifting tributary of knowledge.”
Tumi Mdwaba SA

I am extremely proud to let you know that what you have taught has taken root with somebody, meaning me. I offered my services at an event and had nine paying clients who requested Chirology overviews of their hands. Although it was challenging to do readings for the first time without palm prints, I managed, and made some people feel good. Well done to you my teacher for the knowledge that you have imparted to me. I think you can be proud!” Jeffrey Weiner SA


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