Glyphs – Palmar – Courage Loops

Courage loops lie embedded in Mars Mounts, which are the puffs of flesh between the beginnings of our earth (life) lines and the protrusion of our thumbs. Fire governed principles and qualities of action, energy and courage are ascribed to our Mars Mounts.

It may be said that those people with this marking of courage invite adventure. Either they actively love challenges, and set out to enjoy them, or they are forever presented with tumultuous battles in their life circumstances. They consciously or subconsciously create situations in their lives that call upon their innate courage.

Bravery comes in different guises. On a soft hand a courage loop could reflect that the life theme for the bearer is one of courage in adversity. This person admires courage in others, and will valiantly draw their metaphorical sword, so as to manage their emotional life. Fortitude and strength are characterized, and they have been given the gift of resourcefulness.

A courage loop on a firmer hand shows a different kind of bravery. The owner has initiative and loves intense activity. This could express in fascination with risk and danger, such as in extreme sports. The marking adds stamina and endurance. The person longs to be even braver and will endeavor to overcome their fears.

The flow of the water governed loop onto its elemental opposition, the fire ruled Mars mount, could also bring conflict. Water and fire together excite. People with this pattern might have a temper that could suddenly flare, or they have a competitive trait.

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