Skin Color – Redness

What might the redness in your own and other’s hands show? Mostly, red splotches show up on Moon mounts, signaling emotional intensity in the person. The Moon associated with nurturing and red Moon mounts show worry and concern about loved ones, often children. The person may have excitable, impatient, fiery and passionate traits.

Red patches in palms can be red flags that signal physical inflammation. Our palms are part of our circulatory and endocrine systems, so we can assume that dilating and reddening blood vessels are caused by hormonal arrangements. But idiopathic, or ‘primary palmar erythema’, where pink and red splotches come and go, or are always be there, is physically harmless.

The onset of palmar erythema is not a condition in itself, but ‘secondary palmar erythema’ (redness of palms) can be symptomatic of high blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Other contributors include pregnancy, high estrogen, hyperthyroidism, tumors, circulatory problems, dystrophy, lupus, prescription medications, smoking and alcohol excess.


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