The Girdle of Venus

The so called ‘girdles of Venus’ are termed ‘upper minor water lines’ in the five element hand reading system. They appear at the tops of palms under the fingers. In full form, they present as curved, semi-circular bowl-shaped lines above the water lines, and beneath the earth and fire fingers. The line meets the top of the hand in between the earth and water fingers, and in between the fire and air fingers.

Dated palmistic interpretations for girdles relate to the shadow side of Venusian qualities. While Venus embodies love, joie de vivre and libido, owners of girdles are supposed to be guilty of all kinds of debauchery. This marker was believed to be a sign of a person obsessed with the seedy side of life, who could be a lascivious drug addict, seducer, pimp, prostitute, rake or rapist, with animal appetites and unnatural vices who will end up with syphilitic poisoning of their blood and erotic insanity.

But the discovery of Neptune in 1846 and the influences that the planet exerts on human consciousness better relate to the significance of this line and offer a more modern slant to these gloomy associations. Neptunian influences pertain to sensitive attunement to the unseen, mystical realms, and in the unredeemed, are related to escapism and illusion.

I call these the ‘NGE’ (not good enough) lines. Owners are their own worst critics, neither they nor anyone else can live up to their exacting criteria. For them, the moment is seldom enough and they feel plagued by acute and persistent emotional pain. Some anxious part of them endures an ever-present dissatisfaction with what is currently happening. For these people, the question “what constitutes enoughness?” is the spiritual grist for their mill.

While people with upper minor water lines might well have strong carnal desires and may indeed find themselves at the mercy of their inner saboteur, in which case they mastermind their own undoing with escapist and destructive habits. For them, undertaking a self-inquiry tour proves too great a journey and instead they service whichever cravings numb their pain. However, what is most significant about upper minor water lines is that they potentate spiritual growth for their bearer. Escapist patterns and spiritual quests are both driven by divine discontent. Conscious awareness of the true source of the longing within for things to be better or different can motivate for the search for meaning and eventually help us to be happy with what is.

Upper minor water lines emphasize water orientations in a person. In their position up high on the palms’ air level, they are air influenced, which takes any of the person’s idealistic water aspirations to a higher and more refined level. The energies exerted by upper minor water lines in their purest and most redeemed expression would make for an open-hearted, idealistic, altruistic and compassionate person who quests for the exalted.

The double supply of the water element implies a conscious or unconscious spiritual longing in their owner, who may have wanted to be a monk or nun when they were young. Many people with this feature resonate with the suggestion that they were spiritual adepts in cloistered environments in other lifetimes. Girdles are found in hands of devotees, priests, nuns and monks who are committed to daily spiritual practice.

People who are attuned to myth, mysticism and symbolism and who have an aesthetic appreciation of all that is beautiful often have these lines. As a sister line to its underlying heart line, girdles gift their owners with deeply emotional sensitivity, imagination, empathy, romantic idealism and intuition.

To interpret how owners of upper minor water lines use their extra faculties, it’s helpful to observe the quality of the main water and air lines. Clearly formed upper minor water lines show the person is imaginative, but with a poorly formed air line they could be living in a dream world. People who are into science fiction, fantasy and special effects often have this talent marker which is an asset for writers and poets and for anyone doing work requiring creative visualization.

When their form is composed of two straight and diagonal angular lines which make a V-shape, the fire element adds its mark. Passion and the person’s fantasy realm now comes into the spotlight; this angular form is popularly believed to activate a visual sexual response orientation.


Poorly formed and striated upper minor water lines offer us an opportunity to explore the lesser redeemed and more ill-omened indications of this fascinating line. With the added water energies that they bring to the owner’s temperament, upper minor water lines activate idealization and the longing for unattainable perfection. Bearers of upper minor water lines have ideals which aren’t met and they might easily get depressed, disillusioned, despairing and despondent. Maybe they get high instead of meditating or play computer games endlessly. Maybe they have unfortunate traits of evasiveness, avoidance or being critical, contemptuous and scornful towards themselves and their partners.

Upper minor water lines potentate the great transformation that arises from understanding the inner critic in all its aspects. Until they embrace an attitude of gratitude and the higher spiritual wisdom teaching of enough being the moment unto itself, they must go through the dark night of the soul.





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