Chirology ~ 5 Realm ~ Counseling & Coaching ~ The Hand Reader’s Guide


              5 Realm Counseling & Coaching ~ The Hand Reader’s Guide

People bring their life situations, experiences and themes to our consultations. I’ve unpacked 88 that you’ll recognize. I’ve explored the how-to of sustaining of rapport, the challenges of the imposter syndrome and of the burnout periods that we subjectively face. Included amidst the many topics are pages on listening and speaking, on crying, rescuing, honesty, transference, counter-transference, and working with children, couples and families.



These pages are the culmination of my many years of practical experience as an intuitive therapist and reader. Contents will interest anyone who is into counseling, coaching and the divinatory arts. From health to money to sexuality to narcissistic abuse to life purpose to past lives to death or to you name it, I’ve unpacked 88 of the life situations, experiences and themes that clients bring to our consultations!
More of what the book is about:
Feeling confident as a ‘lay’ practitioner.
How-to establish and sustain client rapport.
When to speak and when to listen.
Psychic and intuitive attunement and perceptions.
Crying in consultations.
Identifying the urge to rescue.
How honest should we be?
Transference, counter-transference, projection.
Working with children, couples and families.
The challenges of the imposter syndrome.
Dealing with burnout.
Clear illustrations of lines, mounts and dermatoglyphics.
Why earth, water, fire, air and aether provide a universal and dynamic language source and interactive counseling and coaching model called “The 5 Realms” for interpreting hands.
The archetypal element governed hand shapes.
How to offer and how to end readings.
Suggestions for building a professional practice.
Includes Index.

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