Chirology Training Manual – How to Read Hands


An extensively illustrated, systematically presented and easy to understand training manual that I developed over many years of teaching chirology to hundreds of students both in and out of South Africa.

Hard Copy: 6 x 9” Black and White 242 pages

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Kindle / ePub 409 pages

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This book includes: Guide to how to take hand prints • An in-depth explanation of the five element system of how to interpret hands • The Five Realm model of counseling and coaching with chirology • Discussions about prediction and intuition • Meanings for handshakes, gestures, sizes and colors of hands • Explanations of the relevance of hand shapes and skin textures • Presentations on all the palmar mounts • Digital dermatoglyphics and their meanings illustrated•Illustrated section and meanings of palmar dermatoglyphics • Extensive coverage of all possible finger and thumb formations • All the know-how you’ll need about palmar lines • Visual representations of many palmar markings and their tried and tested accurate meanings • 208 of illustrations • a comprehensive reference index • and so much more ………

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