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Fingerprint glyphs are not only an irrefutable mark of our identity – they also describe individual psychological profiles, each with their own behavioral traits. This glyph pattern guidebook enables you to easily identify your individual fingerprint patterns, so as to understand more about yourself; physically, emotionally, vocationally, mentally and spiritually.

God’s inscriptions on our fingertips offer irrefutable proof of our individual identity – and our Oneness. It is true that each fingerprint glyph is unique, yet all seven billion of us share only seven basic glyph patterns. We are all different, and we are all the same – how fascinating our diversity, and our unity!

In GGG, the samples of the cosmic patterns that cover our palmar surfaces include contributions from criminal records. Illustrations are accompanied by meanings for when the glyph patterns are on thumbs, index, middle, ring and baby fingers, and the palm.

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