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1.5 Hour Chirology Hand Reading via Skype.

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Please read below or visit the Consultations Page for specs on photographs of your hands that I need, so as to prepare a chirological analysis designed to help you to better understand yourself. We then schedule a date for an online consultation. I offer insight, support, guidance and coaching for vocational, relationship, health and all other areas of your life.

Email your images to me – Email

To Skype I need photographs:
One each of front of each hand
One each of back of each hand
One or two each of close ups of palms (to see the lines)
One close-up of each thumb tip (for the glyph)
One or two close-ups of just your four fingertips of each hand
The Following Information:
Are you are right or left handed?
What is your d.o.b.?


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