About Chirology

Palmistry has and always will have its shadow companion, the ‘crafty’, deceptive, wily unscrupulous charlatan ‘reader’, who uses shrewdness, guile, cunning and the ‘gift of the gab’ for unethical purposes. Historically, the power and magic of this ancient craft is feared by many, thus practiced by few.

Our hands, and our fingerprints, are our personal guides to self-understanding.

I teach and promote chirology as a counselling and touch therapy that deserves to be more sensitively understood, and more commonly practiced. The language of the elements is all-embracing, all-inclusive and applies to all humanity. Chirology is helpful for many purposes, conditions, or situations. A hand reading is a universal remedy that accommodates every human being.

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5 Element Chirology and Meaning

Air Element

Air – intellectual – I THINK – the ‘design’ At this level, for both me and for my clients and students, it’s about articulate communication. There is a saying, that ‘words are the tools of our trade, and the medicine of our profession’. Healing happens on many levels, but on the air level, vocabulary, listening, and my facilitating the telling of your story, are key. In air, I teach hand readers how to impartially and objectively observe, investigate, analyse, theorise and research, all air element principles.

Earth Element

arth – physical – I MATTER – the ’loom’
On the earth level of chirology, we learn about the historical origins of palmistry. We study the morphology of the hands and their markings, together with the five element system, the ‘language of the elements’. Learning to reassuringly take people’s hands in yours, with consideration for the ethical and record keeping criteria required of a consultant, are earthy basics. This is the scientific stuff, the framework, that which in hand reading is dependable, definable, tangible and practical. Seekers can expect their chirologist to look into their health, family, home and financial matters in this earth realm.

Water Element

Water – emotional – I FEEL – the ‘texture’ In pushing into the emotional heartland of our self-worth, relationship and sexual lives, we are most exposed. If you go for a reading, expect to receive insightful feedback about your situation, with reassurance, nurturing, support, forgiveness and empathy from your hand reader. There are many signs on hands that show what we go through on the intimate, personal, feeling level.

Fire Element

Fire – vocational – I ACT – the ‘colours’
To be a hand reader, you’ll need enthusiasm, motivation, energy to take people’s palm prints, and courage to speak your truth. Fire energy is about focus, intention and will. The fire realm is where we discuss your levels of joie-de-vivre, any struggles with creative vs. self-annihilating urges, and your optimal vocation.