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My name is Jennifer Hirsch. I’ve read hands and taught chirology, palmistry and hand reading for 30 years. Our hands and their forms and markings are maps to self-understanding. Reading hands with chirology is a point of departure to an inner guided tour which, is in many ways, incomparable.

Chirology (Gr-kheri-hand – logos – knowledge) is a universal hand reading style and a dialogue therapy. Holding another person’s two hands in yours and speaking and listening together is an intimate, alchemical, potent and super-interesting healing system. For anyone wanting to learn to read hands, either professionally or as a hobby, I teach classes in Johannesburg, as well as offering a comprehensive online hand reading training course. I also offer books, private and Skype consultations, articles, talks and topic workshops.

Chirology’s 5 element interpretive system includes traditional palmistry but is more primarily designed around the principles and characteristics of the elements, earth, water, fire, air and chi. The how-to of chirology and palmistry involves examination of lines, glyphs, mounts, textures, shapes, colors and many other hand features that reveal surprisingly accurate information about our authentic character, temperament, personality, patterns of behavior and even events that have left their imprint. 

This coming Saturday's YouTube topic - Rings of Solomon & Sympathy Lines ... this article explains ..... godgivenglyphs.com/blog/named-after-the-wise-biblical-king-this-power-marker-is-said-to-signify-w... ... See MoreSee Less

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For some palm readers, the accidental convergence of lines that create a pentagram symbol is at best interesting, but completely meaningless. But other, intuitively orientated readers like myself interpret significance in this rarely found 5 pointed star.

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About pentagrams – topic for this coming Saturday’s YouTube clip. How do we look at coincidental convergences of lines? For many, yes it’s a pictorial symbol, perhaps interesting, but meaningless. For others, there is more "meaning" for this 5 pointed star than just meets the eye. Here's what I wrote long ago. More concepts and thoughts about pentagrams coming in my next share.
www.facebook.com/pg/GodGivenGlyphs/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154943578657253Hand readers who look at lines through a right-brained, divergent lens of perception might very rarely detect the alluring manifestation of a 5 pointed pentagram pattern lying within the lines. In looking at this pattern, intuitively orientated readers may feel invited to ascribe and to discuss possible meanings for the esoteric symbol in the person’s hand.

The symbol of a 5 pointed star represents the 5 elements, meaning that the owner of this palmar feature potentially enjoys a deep intimacy with God consciousness, and an affinity with nature and with the natural elements earth, water, fire and air.

Traditionally, a pentagram in a palm is a sign of a spiritual initiate. Pentagram symbols in right hands of right-handed people are said to signify spirituality, healing knowledge, and service to others. In another dimension, it is conceivable that the person is an advanced psychic, who is an adept in mystical schools of study.

A bit of research reveals that negative meanings are ascribed to pentagrams on left hand palms, especially if one point faces downwards, like Satan’s emblem, which suggests that in another life, the owner is a sorcerer-type, who messes with people’s energies.

But one point upwards in a left palm might aspect a natural Merlin who uses his magical skills in positive ways. Depending as always on all other hand features, the person might function with crystal clarity, and be proficient in harnessing and governing their emotions.

A pentagram in a palm might alert a reader to finances being a key theme for the client.
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Writer's Forks may not indicate that owners are writers. I've shared my understanding of this well known palmistry marking at YouTube today. www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Wgg2ry0rQ&feature=youtu.be ... See MoreSee Less

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Writer's forks, one of pamistry's well known markings. Sharing my thoughts at YouTube. #palmreading #palmistry #palmreader #writersofinstagram #writing #ideas #Headlines #airlines #hands #handanalysis #chirology ... See MoreSee Less

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I often wonder how the palmists of yore came to understand and name the markings, such as the Writer's Fork (my YouTube topic this coming Saturday), ambition lines (most recent upload at YouTube), travel lines, Rings of Solomon and several others. Here is an image (from "Signs & Symbols on the Mounts") of a beautiful Writer's Fork on a Moon mount - watch my Youtube upload on Saturday for a deep look into possible interpretations. ... See MoreSee Less

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Ambition lines in our palms show energies directed towards self-development, owners aspire to and reach for goals. More about these lines in this week's video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ij28SKvUtg&feature=youtu.be ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi hand readers! Please join our YouTube community. I post a new video every Saturday.

With palmistry, depicted in lilac on the left, my way of interpreting your hands is more specifically intuitive. Our attention is on future; together we tune into desired or feared outcomes.

With 5 element chirology, depicted in blue on the right, my focus is on counseling and coaching within the context of the 5 Realm model. Focus is on supporting you in your current time situation.



Book Reviews


“Your published materials are my go to resources when studying palms. I have over 20 palmistry books but always refer to your e-books, training manual and God Given Glyphs. The material is thorough, specific, and well illustrated. Thank you so much!”

Lori Owen USA


“I want to express my admiration for the work you produced in the form of this book. The information I gained from it for the last three readings was astoundingly accurate. Your book, without a doubt, resulted in my increased love for the art of hand reading.”

Morné van Heerden Jnr SA


“You’ve outdone yourself This is your life’s work in one well-researched and beautiful book! It’s concise, and I love the way it’s set out, the relevant topics, the illustrations, and the interweaving with aspects of palmistry. This should be every hand reader’s ‘go to’ book!”

Marianne Windrich SA

 5 Element Chirology & Traits of Being A – Z

“The more I look at your book, the more I see how much work has gone into it and how great it is. You manage to condense the meanings so succinctly and to the point. I love the format with the labelled illustrations. You really should be proud of these works! I love the colors and book cover design, gorgeous. Beautifully presented, and the info I read so far is spot on! It is about time someone made 5 Element hand analysis more available to the public!”

Lynn Seal UK

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