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My name is Jennifer Hirsch. I’ve read hands and taught chirology, palmistry and hand reading for over 30 years.

Our hands and their forms and markings are maps to self-understanding. Reading hands with chirology is a point of departure to an inner guided tour which, is in many ways, incomparable. Chirology (Gr – kheri- hand – logos – knowledge) is a universal hand reading style and a fascinating dialogue therapy that is perhaps the fastest road to self-discovery known to man. Chirology is an intimate, alchemical and potent healing system.

For anyone wanting to learn to read hands, either professionally or as a hobby, I offer 3 optional length online hand reading training courses to suit your requirements. I also teach classes in the South Coast KZN area (where I now live). Consultations (based on a set of 10 specific photographs) are online via Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp, or visit me for a private one-on-one reading. 

Chirology’s 5 element interpretive system includes traditional palmistry but is primarily designed around the principles and characteristics of the elements, earth, water, fire, air and aether/chi. The how-to of chirology and palmistry involves examination of lines, glyphs, mounts, textures, shapes, colours and many other hand features that reveal surprisingly accurate information about our authentic character, temperament, personality and patterns of behaviour. We also discover how past events leave their imprint in our hands, and identify the traits that either hinder or assist optimal future outcomes.   

An intriguing and unusual glyph.... very unusual, like a 'flare' of a peacock's eye rising from a bee and music loop into a courage loop, this hand with its simian line is rich in glyphs, notice also a charisma loop, serious intent (with what could be an interdigital whorl pocketed in it's core) loop and a humor loop. Lots to unpack here in terms of how to interpret. I feel this is a talented person. Print was sent to me by a student..... unfortunately the fingerprint glyphs are very blurred in the print but I can see that the tips are dominant, with 3 whorls (index, ring, baby) and loop on middle. Just adore the cosmic energies of our glyphs. ... See MoreSee Less
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I'm grateful to have received this photograph from one of my readers of his ever-so rare whorls on his Venus mounts. What fantastic examples of this exceptional feature; he has one on his right hand too! Venus mounts represent love, joie de vivre, appreciation of beauty, fertility and desire for pleasure. The rather lonely image of “the tree that stands in the desert” is a popular metaphor for the whorl pattern’s psychological profile; owners may be self-reliant. Originality, thought, theory and research are other associated principles. The overlay of air-governed whorls on Venus mounts aspect a circuit of exchange between sensual, earth-governed Venus and curious air; he is sure to have an investigative and unbiased interest in all matters to do with sex and sexual identity. Invisible air is the space, the separation between us; with excess air we have detachment and need for freedom. In a reading, I would enquire into whether he experiences challenges with intimacy and commitment. His lifestyle may be unconventional or usual. This man is highly likely to have passion for music and interest in the arts. He also has a courage loop on his Mars mount; this glyph has its own set of interpretations. ... See MoreSee Less
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Another of Brian, my first ever palmistry teacher's snippets. Unlike my next and more long-term teacher from whom I learned the brilliant 5 element system, Brian taught rather randomly, but his accurate little gems laid my foundation of basic know-how. "Flabby puffy hands show laziness and apathy, whereas tight skin shows a hard worker." ... See MoreSee Less
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Hi hand readers! Please join our YouTube community. I post a new video every Saturday.

With palmistry, depicted in lilac on the left, my way of interpreting your hands is more specifically intuitive. Our attention is on future; together we tune into desired or feared outcomes.

With 5 element chirology, depicted in blue on the right, my focus is on counseling and coaching within the context of the 5 Realm model. Focus is on supporting you in your current time situation.



Book Reviews


“Your published materials are my go to resources when studying palms. I have over 20 palmistry books but always refer to your e-books, training manual and God Given Glyphs. The material is thorough, specific, and well illustrated. Thank you so much!”

Lori Owen USA


“I want to express my admiration for the work you produced in the form of this book. The information I gained from it for the last three readings was astoundingly accurate. Your book, without a doubt, resulted in my increased love for the art of hand reading.”

Morné van Heerden Jnr SA


“You’ve outdone yourself This is your life’s work in one well-researched and beautiful book! It’s concise, and I love the way it’s set out, the relevant topics, the illustrations, and the interweaving with aspects of palmistry. This should be every hand reader’s ‘go to’ book!”

Marianne Windrich SA

 5 Element Chirology & Traits of Being A – Z

“The more I look at your book, the more I see how much work has gone into it and how great it is. You manage to condense the meanings so succinctly and to the point. I love the format with the labelled illustrations. You really should be proud of these works! I love the colors and book cover design, gorgeous. Beautifully presented, and the info I read so far is spot on! It is about time someone made 5 Element hand analysis more available to the public!”

Lynn Seal UK

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