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My name is Jennifer Hirsch. I’ve read hands and taught chirology, palmistry and hand reading for almost 30 years. Our hands and their forms and markings are maps to self-understanding. Reading hands with chirology is a point of departure to an inner guided tour which, is in many ways, incomparable. Chirology (Gr-kheri-hand – logos – knowledge) is a universal hand reading style and a dialogue therapy.

Holding another person’s two hands in yours and speaking and listening together is an intimate, alchemical, potent and super-interesting healing system. For anyone wanting to learn to read hands, either professionally or as a hobby, I teach classes in Johannesburg, as well as offering a comprehensive online hand reading training course. I also offer books, private and Skype consultations, articles, talks and topic workshops.

Chirology’s 5 element interpretive system includes traditional palmistry but is more primarily designed around the principles and characteristics of the elements, earth, water, fire, air and chi. The how-to of chirology and palmistry involves examination of lines, glyphs, mounts, textures, shapes, colors and many other hand features that reveal surprisingly accurate information about our authentic character, temperament, personality, patterns of behavior and even events that have left their imprint. 

"Worry" lines ray out from Venus mounts (balls of thumbs) and cross over earth (life) lines. They draw attention to the person’s nervous system and their stress levels. Worry lines that originate from the fiery lower Mars mount (at the protrusion of the thumb) are termed "attack" lines.
The mount towards which the deepest of the lines runs gives the key to the area of life (in current time, as these lines can change) that calls for the most courage. Towards Mercury mounts under air (baby) fingers aspects financial pressure; towards Sun mounts under fire (ring) fingers might link to anxiety about career and credibility; towards Saturn mounts under (earth) middle fingers points to familial trauma. Interestingly, children may be born with these lines; the incubating child was directly affected by their parent’s worries.
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Grilles are composed of crisscrossing lines that look like a checkerboard. In terms of the old palmistic associations and meanings, grilles are unfavorable markings. Grilles on the balls of thumbs, which are the mounts that associate with Venus, goddess of love and beauty, accentuate their owner’s sexuality, but he or she may have dissipated their energy, as in having “been there and done that”, resulting in a jaded world view. The person may have a drama-filled love life. ... See MoreSee Less

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Travel lines are several to many horizontal lines along the ulnar (percussion/baby finger) edges of hands, on the Moon mounts. Moon mounts are capacitors of dreams, visions, inspiration and imagination. These qualities are believed to be highly activated in the psyche of bearers of these little lines; they are restless, long for adventure and may have traveled extensively. If they haven’t physically traveled, they desire to do so, might spend a lot of time journeying philosophically, and may feel a strong affinity with one or more foreign country. ... See MoreSee Less

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Childhood in palms: Spikiness, along with an overall messy look to the start of earth (life) and air (head) lines, is a well-known palmistry indicator of a troubled childhood. Inquiry reveals themes of misunderstandings, emotional and/or physical abuse, austerity and loneliness. The home atmosphere was/is pervasively heavy; there may be many disruptive occurrences. Violence or passive aggression may have played out between the parents. This sign in hands points to oppressive early life challenges. ... See MoreSee Less

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Medical / Healing Stigmata: An array of several vertical lines on Mercury mounts above the beginning of water (heart) lines under air fingers are the healing stigmata. Also called medical stigmata, or Samaritan lines, owners are empathically drawn to helping and healing others with hands on touch and/or dialogue therapies. Aptitude for energy channeling, intuitive sensing of energy and a deep listening capacity are attributes of this marker. The bearer of healing stigmata probably has a soothingly therapeutic voice. The capacity in the person to practice healing is further accented when these lines also appear below the water line, on the upper Mars/Uranus mounts. ... See MoreSee Less

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With palmistry, depicted in lilac on the left, my way of interpreting your hands is more specifically intuitive. Our attention is on future outcomes; together we tune into desired or feared outcomes.

With 5 element chirology, depicted in blue on the right, my focus is on counselling and coaching within the context of the 5 Realm model. Focus is on supporting you in your current time situation.



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“Your published materials are my go to resources when studying palms. I have over 20 palmistry books but always refer to your e-books, training manual and God Given Glyphs. The material is thorough, specific, and well illustrated. Thank you so much!”

Lori Owen USA


“You’ve outdone yourself This is your life’s work in one well-researched and beautiful book! It’s concise, and I love the way it’s set out, the relevant topics, the illustrations, and the interweaving with aspects of palmistry. This should be every hand reader’s ‘go to’ book!”

Marianne Windrich SA

 5 Element Chirology & Traits of Being A – Z

“The more I look at your book, the more I see how much work has gone into it and how great it is. You manage to condense the meanings so succinctly and to the point. I love the format with the labelled illustrations. You really should be proud of these works! I love the colors and book cover design, gorgeous. Beautifully presented, and the info I read so far is spot on! It is about time someone made 5 Element hand analysis more available to the public!”

Lynn Seal UK

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