Meet Jen

Meet Jen

Almost from the moment in 1990 that I made the call to study palmistry, hand reading established itself as my life purpose. I began to have vivid dreams about reading hands; I’d receive messages in my dreams of meanings, especially for dermatoglyphics.

In choosing me as conduit for the evolution of palmistry and chirology, existence bestowed me with a blessing greater than any I could imagine. My gratitude is immeasurable. I give thanks, to our higher power, to my teachers, the palmistry ancestors of old and the pioneers of new, who have paved the way and prepared the soil for the flowering of this contribution.

Chirology changed my life. It is my sincere hope that it will make a difference in yours.

The lending of our presence while holding another person’s hands and listening, supporting and guiding them
is an act of generosity.

Chirologist, writer, intuitive counselor, hand reading teacher and mosaic artist Jennifer Hirsch has pioneered chirology in South Africa since 1991. She lives   in south coast, KZN, South Africa, where she reads people’s hands (in person or online) and teaches chirology.

Jen says: “My life’s work has always been about hands-on healing and counseling.
I began working as massage therapist in 1979 and offered hand readings to my physical therapy clients from 1991. I founded the South African Chirology Centre for the Study of Hand Reading in 1994.”

Jennifer has a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping people to read hands. She has authored 6 books and several topic pdf’s about chirology, palmistry and hand reading.

Ways to work with me

I invite you to dive deeply into the story of your hands, and your life.


Begin to explore the fascinating craft of hand reading. My published books and downloadable pdfs will help guide you into a deep knowledge of chirology and palmistry. 


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The forms and markings of our hands offer us a unique, personal guide and tool for self-inquiry.

Book a reading with me if you need insight and clarity in any area of your life.

Courses & Training

Chirology offers ‘unqualified’ natural-born healers, counselors and intuitives a professional tool, an income source and a vocation.


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The infinite number of neural impulses that the brain both receives from and transmits to the hands suggests that what lies in our palms is like a printout. With codification and interpretation, our hand's forms and features can accurately reflect our individual patterns of consciousness.

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