Knotted or Smooth Fingers

Knottiness is defined by the width at the knuckles being noticeably wider than the phalanges above and below. Smooth fingers do not have any “swollen joint” appearance, as they flow smoothly from base to tip.

Whether working as in the field of traditional western palmistry, or within the principled system of five element chirology, the handreader will carefully examine the lengths, relative sizes, spaces between and the bends or leans of your fingers. The length and form of fingers (including the nails and the placement of rings that adorn hands) describe something of the habituated mode in which you think.

The smoother the fingers, the quicker the thought processes. Smooth fingered people are impatient and much more impulsive in their thoughts. Mental energy flows rapidly and decisions are made spontaneously. There is a dislike for protracted analysis. Quick to action, and often impatient, details and reason are not their strong point. Perceptive responses may be very accurate, based upon a finely tuned intuition. Intuition is activated and increased by smooth fingers, especially if they taper to pointed fingertips, indicating the antenna type mind that “picks up” information.

Knotty fingers show the philosopher and analyst. Thought processes are slowed down by the knots. Governed by reason, these folks need time, quietness and stillness as they patiently deliberate, research and analyse information or a given situation. Perceptions, decisions and actions are based upon the details. A dislike of being badgered, and of having deadlines, is indicated. A shrewd insight is often evident, as these are the researchers and investigators. The subject calculates, reasons and deduces, and is pre-occupied with thinking.

Knotty fingered types are often very open minded, as they attempt to see things objectively, as they really are, without moral judgement. Knotty fingers are not given to extremes. Never fanatical, and moderate in their pleasures, they have concern for detail, planning and list making.

Traditional palmistry describes “knots of the material order”, found between the lower (close to the palm) and middle phalanges. These knots indicate the need to make order from chaos – although the bearers may not be physically tidy, they do have tidy minds. Material possessions are carefully tended and valued.

“Knots of the mental order” are found between the middle and tip phalanges. These folks have deep rooted convictions and are concerned with detail and method.

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