The features of our hands reveal our predominant archetypal traits. Archetypes are collectively inherited unconscious ideas, patterns of thought, images, or models, which are universally present and personified in individual psyches.

We have four basic hand shape types, earth, water, fire and air. Each shape signifies an archetype. Additionally, the language of the elements in chirology teaches that by mixing the four elements earth, water, fire and air in pairs of opposites, we find twelve more generalized archetypes. We can recognize archetypal traits in ourselves and our clients.

In fact there are hundreds of archetypes that, like everything else in existence, resonate with two predominant elements, but here are twelve common types. Which of these archetypes describe parts of you or people you know?

Twelve Element Archetypes

Air and earth: The detached, dry and uncommitted Observer who steadily watches.

Water and fire: The emotional, passionate and melodramatic Actress.

Air and fire: The probing, analytical and inquiring Psychoanalyst.

Earth and water: The sacred, nurturing and safe Mother Nature.

Fire and air: The light and witty Joker who effects transformation.

Water and earth: The soulful, mezmerising and deep Enchantress.

Air and water: The exacting, idealistic and correct Patriarch.

Earth and fire: The loyal, strong, energetic and hardworking Slave.

Fire and earth: The dominating, protective and defensive Warrior.

Water and air: The dreamy, wondrously enraptured and innocent Child.

Fire and water: The impulsive, generous and jolly Fool who brings people together.

Earth and air: The responsible, fussy and hoarding Old Woman.

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