As hand readers we open ourselves as channels through which energies flow. These energy flows are an intricate blend. The initial ingredients are love, care, compassion and a service orientation.

Combined in the mix is an interest in the hand reading craft, with a developing knowledge of how to interpret the forms and markings of the hands.

We must also have an authentic interest in the energy resonance of the person, and develop our vocabulary and understanding of human emotion so as to give wise counsel.

Inextricably woven into the definable component parts of our craft is the fact that a wealth of information about the person does come from the indefinable Universal Source. Chiromantic divination and intuitive perception play a huge role in our work, and the images, metaphors, colours, sensations and impressions received by you beg trust and development.

Intuition, the wisdom of knowing that is more senior than belief, lies in a still place within your core. Belief is an action of thought, and comes from the mind. Knowing is conscious awareness from soul, and comes from spirit and heart. Information is first felt – and sometimes seen – somewhere inside yourself, somewhere instinctive, and then only is it thought about. Intuitive perception has little to do with intellect and analysis.

The emotional state of another is readily perceived just from looking into their eyes and holding their hands. With experience, deeper insights will fine tune, whether or not you try to actively cultivate your psychic ability.

To develop intuition, practice ‘scanning’, without necessarily looking into the person’s eyes. To scan, you need to ‘look’, without looking with your eyes. The person may not even physically be present, or if they are seated in front of you, you may be looking at their prints, and not into their eyes at all.

Ask your higher self for guidance and for assistance to expand your awareness. Imagine that your third eye, the portal or doorway of your sixth chakra centre in the middle of your forehead, can see. By ‘running’ your third eye up and down and around their body, you will begin to sense differences in their energy field. You can also ‘look’ with any other of your energy centres, for example, the second chakra, below your navel, is a powerful receptor for information, or try to simply feel with your heart.

You may sense a feeling in your body, an emotion, or have a more visual experience. You may sense colours, light or darkness at a certain organ, a feeling in your own body, or a series of metaphors in the form of visualised images. If you feel a physical symptom in your body, decide where exactly in your body you feel it. Does the feeling inside you contract or expand? Is the feeling empty and deficient, or is there a sense of fullness, or excess? Is it hot or cold, tingly, painful, creepy, light or dark, heavy, hostile, nauseating or exhilarating? These are just a few of a range of infinite possibilities. Be attentive to the subtle nuances of possible sensations.

By focusing your awareness on even the slightest sensation in your body or image in your mind, you will soon begin to link the sensing to a possible physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or circumstantial situation in their lives, and to trust and to know that this information is accurate. For example, does a tingling sensation in your solar plexus indicate that they are excited, or are they anxious? Your inner voice of knowing will answer.

Practice in the supermarket queue, while watching the television, or with those closer to you. Perhaps you are already very aware that you have hunches or senses about people, that they are depressed, trustworthy, or cruel, or sensitive, the list is endless. Try to be sure, by paying attention to your own emotional state, that whatever you are sensing is not linked to your own emotions.
As with every aspect of handreading, only articulate if there is no uncertainty as to whether it would be ethical and appropriate to speak of your impressions.

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