Weighty Matters

weighty mattersMany intuitives (Highly Sensitive People) grapple with a lifelong quest to grow their inner earth element, that of self worth, of feeling substantial, of feeling that they ‘matter’. Psychic people are often overweight and uncomfortable in their bodies. Often these people aren’t carrying extra flesh because they eat more food than they should. They are not fat from food, as a close look often reveals in fact they don’t eat enough, or regularly enough. Based on my own lifelong journey to becoming a slim person, I have concluded that sensitive people are fat because they are thin.

What I mean by this is that the sharing of other people’s energy begs from us an inner space in which to bear their pain. Spiritual readers and other healers undertake to ‘bear the unbearable’. This act of being in service redeems us and gives context, connection, to the texture of humanity. We breathe in other’s pain, anxiety, fear, depression, negativity, to take in all such suffering. Then we try to detach, with self-healing techniques like grounding, de-cording, banishing and aura-cleansing. But the weighty, dense residues cause a swelling of our physical bodies. We find ourselves taking up more physical space in a cellular, energetic endeavour to hold the pain that wears down our fibres to a thin, threadbare weave.
I Matter
In chirology, the earth element is all about ‘I matter’. My ‘I Am-ness’, my existence, matters. Yet so many people struggle with feelings of ‘not good enough-ness’. Here is a list of some of the hand markers that might open a conversation about a person’s feeling of not being good enough:

  • Bent water fingers – person feels ‘done in’
  • Radial loops on water fingers – crushed from criticism
  • Wearing rings on water fingers – need more authority
  • Short water finger – low self esteem
  • Short low set air fingers – feel unsupported
  • Upper minor water lines – ‘the Not Good Enough line’, idealism/exacting standards/discontent
  • Thumbs that are held close to the hand – poor confidence
  • Thumb tips that bend inward – giving up/in, unhappiness, fearfulness
  • Air (head) line slopes steeply – depression
  • Furry air lines – anxiety
  • Many falling lines from main lines – energy depletion, low resources
  • Fleshy Moon mount – self absorption
  • Water skin texture (moist, soft, fleshy) – hyper-sensitive, easily hurt
  • Very soft, flexible hands – unable to cope with life’s demands.
  • Trembling or shaky hands – fear, vulnerability
  • The gesture of wringing the hands – high anxiety
  • Red hands – emotional strain, humiliation
  • Short messy water lines – person fears intimacy
  • Bitten nails – anxiety, the inability to solve a problem

Identifying eating disorders in a set of hands

The shapes and sizes of the base of our fingers (water level phalanges) represent the foundation of our thinking. Water (Jupiter/index) fingers in particular aspect how we relate to and feel about our material realm of security, sensuality, pleasure and especially, food.

Full, plump water phalanges show the predisposition to weight gain and a preoccupation with food. People with a full base to their index fingers seek security from the material world.

The opposite is true if the base of the finger is thin or waisted, which shows the minimalist, fussy, never greedy eater who lives in the realm of the intellect.

Another sign of ‘food issues’ in a person is the presence of ‘a grille’ on this bottom phalange of the water (index) finger. Grilles are a mix of ‘bar lines’ and ‘activation lines’. Bar (horizontal) lines here show blocks and stress, while activation lines show focus and activity towards (sensuality). A grille shows a ‘push/pull’ conflict of interest and restriction in combination. This marker is often found on those suffering with anorexia/bulimia.

  • The five element system, our ‘language of chirology’, is itself governed by earth, as our interpretive system provides the foundation, the structure and the context for how to read hands.
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