Simian Line Two

simian line TwoMost hands have three easily noticeable lines, the earth (life), which runs around the ball of the thumb and two transverse lines, the water (heart) and air (head) lines. A simian line occurs when the water and air lines fuse and join, to become one transverse line only across the palm.

The name simian line originates from Latin simia, meaning ape. Yet interestingly, the association is inaccurate as, like humans, the hands of monkeys and apes have more than one transverse lines, without any simian line formation. In chirology the meaning of this marker relates to character traits but it also has significant scientific relatedness to medical chromosomal disorders such as Down’s syndrome. Apparently around 55% of people born with Down’s Syndrome have this lineal formation.

Our water lines relate to what we feel, and our air lines, to what we think. The impression here is that the functions of feeling (water) and thinking (air) have become intertwined. Because of the entanglement between the two functions of emotion and thought, owners ‘feel what they think’ and ‘think what they feel’. So the bearer does not easily know what they are thinking or feeling. Their thoughts are invested with emotional intensity. They may respond inappropriately by becoming overly emotional in a relatively practical matter, and/or the opposite i.e. they become detached in situations that call for an emotional response.

The thing about simian lines is that there are so many associated meanings. Generally a simian line is considered a difficult marking to live with. Many of the line’s associated meanings are negative, yet we remember that there is always the seed of the opposite within every trait. Intensity is the single most applied word/meaning accorded to the marker. People with simian lines tend to apply their energy to one activity at a time, with fervent purpose being highly characterised, e.g. they might be focused researchers, obsessive exercisers etc. They can’t easily multi-task, have a ‘one-track’ mind and will do one thing at a time. Many simian line owners pour their emotional energy into their work resulting in greatly positive success in their vocational arena. Feelings and ideas align with goals in a relentless, single-minded manner. There is some form of extreme focus, dedication and commitment to their thinking and to their application of energy.

People who have enmeshed water and air lines tend to be emotionally and psychologically closed, serious minded or even repressed. They might experience social awkwardness, difficulty relating, or shyness, to the point of their becoming solitary. They often have a natural accord with nature and animals. It’s been said that ‘they run their relationships like a business’, with possessiveness, devotion, fierce protectiveness and a fixed criteria of both giving and expecting loyalty. Wounds inflicted have deep long-lasting effect – these folks don’t easily let go of negative feelings if they are betrayed. Many hand readers have suggested a trend in them to having either religious or anti-religious dogmatism or even fanaticism. In old palmistry, the mental and emotional intensity of simian line owners is said to show the tendency in them toward uncontrolled, even murderous rage, where rationality is overpowered by emotion.

People with simian lines in both hands think that everyone experiences life in the way that they do. On the rare occasion of being approached by a bearer of double simians for a reading, I have found that conveying interpretations to them can be difficult in that they are locked into themselves and very intense, demanding and exacting. A true simian line has no remnant of either the air or water lines. The interpretation is somewhat modified if there are traces of water and air lines.