Holding Hands and Touching

holding hands and touchingIn the movie Avatar, a powerful connection was activated when the Avatar people plugged their pony-tails into the creatures they wanted to ride. Once they had plugged in, the ride began.

Its exactly like that with hand reading. In taking a person’s hands in yours, or by offering your hands to a hand reader, we unlock a force of energy via the touching and holding. At the moment of touch, both reader and seeker open and extend themselves. Kindness then ‘strikes like lightening’. Our energies intertwine, connectivity is established, and the courageous leap into self enquiry via the forms and markings of our hands begins.

Before you begin to analyse the meanings that are encoded in the markings of a person’s hands, it is a good idea to shake their hand when first you meet. As I discussed in previous posts, the way people shake hands can be very revealing and this might be the first physical contact. Of course the taking of the prints also requires that we touch each other, so as to feel the skin texture and to have a closer look at their hands.

But it is the gentle holding and stroking of hands in the beginning of a reading (as well as intermittently throughout the process) that conveys reassurance and even healing to the person.

“The touch and feeling coming from your hands, like a real energy force, made me think a little bit more” said my client. By lovingly holding and stroking people’s hands, we offer them validation, acceptance, appreciation, and so much more. Having their hands confidently held will feel reassuring. Touch helps them feel safe and nurtured. The way that I take a person’s hands in mine should give them a good feeling about me. In chirology, the benefits of the skilled holding of another’s hands secures touch a pivotal role in the therapy.”

“Becoming sexually attracted to your hand reader can so spontaneously happen. You’re opening to someone who is listening generously to your story, offering you emotional support, looking into your eyes, and holding your hands. Very intimate! In these instances, the chirologist’s ethical responsibility is to maintain utterly impeccable boundaries. Situations vary enormously, but if appropriate, the energy readily defuses with a few spoken words of acknowledgement. Then, with a smile, we gently guide the conversation into their deeper needs. Unfortunately I, and too many others, have more than once experienced a so-called palm reader’s ever-so-degradingly creepy attempt at seduction. How terribly abandoning of the client, and how damaging to the authenticity of our craft.”

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