Palmistry Gems

palmistry gemsHere are some brilliantly accurate gems from my first palmistry lessons.

I found an advert in the ‘Personal’ column of the ‘Star’ newspaper which read – “A palmistry reading. Call Brian.” Soon I was making regular visits to a high rise flat in downtown Jozi for lessons with the late Brian Friend. At the time, besides the late Chand Singh (who was a rather famous palm reader in South Africa) Brian was possibly the only other professional palmist in the country. His was a ‘palmistic’ approach, more random than system based, very unlike the five element system of chirology which I practice today. Nonetheless he taught me many palmistry gems. Today I would like to share with you just a few of Brian’s palmistry tips that for me have proven accurate.

  • To find out which is the true active hand, ask your client to pick up an object. (In chirology, we also ask ‘what hand do you sign your name with?’).
  • Differences in lines between the two hands show if the person’s life has been stationary, progressive or retrograde.
  • Flabby puffy hands show laziness and apathy.
  • Tight skin shows a hard worker.
  • The lighter the lines the more sensitive the person.
  • The deeper the lines the more dramatic the life and the energy for participation in life.
  • White knuckles show social veneer – a need to express an air of confidence.
  • People with small thumbs are sentimental.
  • When Jupiter (water/index) fingers bend to Saturn (earth/middle) the person feels ‘done in’.
  • A gap between the Jupiter (water/index) and Saturn (earth/middle) finger shows the person likes to be in charge.
  • A gap between their Apollo (fire/ring) and their Mercury (air/baby) fingers shows independence and autonomy in communication.
  • Bent Mercury (air/baby) fingers show that the person ‘manipulates communication channels for vested interests’. A slight bend shows tact.
  • Look at the hands when rested palms up – if the fingers curl in the person is introverted.
  • Square hands like repetitive work
  • Knotty fingers show caution and orderliness and their owner is not seduced by appearances.
  • Bulbous Venus mounts (ball of thumb) show a tendency to hysterical ranting and raving.
  • A section of a fate line that runs into the Saturn (earth/middle) finger implies restriction – a compulsion or entrapment to duty.

Brian passed away from cancer a mere 6 months after we met. I still miss his wise counsel and profound knowledge of the hands, as well as his generous encouragement that I pursue my calling.

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