Right vs Left Hands

The hand you use to sign your name with is your active hand – even if you are ambidextrous and predominantly use your opposite hand.

In chirology, we always read both hands, as together they represent your multi-dimensionality.

Your active hand represents more of your projected personality, that is, what you show. Its markings reflect your conscious mind, the patterns that you are most likely to continue, in other words, the behavioural sum of your subconscious psychological dispositions (which show in your passive hand). These traits are often skills that you have greater awareness of within yourself.

Your passive hand reflects your true temperament and the more authentic of your moods. It can reveal information about your subconscious mind, your inherited psychological and physical traits, and the influences of acquired moral orientation and conscience that have formed your character. Events in life which have deep emotional impact, your instinctive emotional responses, deeper desires, private or hidden traits and potential talents are also aspected in passive hands.

Some of us have very different markings in our palms. An active hand with clear, strong lines with a passive hand that reflects a relative mess, evidences progression. The owner of this pair of hands has overcome many difficulties and is intent on self growth and furtherance. There is a progressional trend.

The opposite applies with passive hands which are stronger and less stressed looking than the active hands. When active hands are filled with ‘weaker’ markings or a more complex array of lines there is perhaps a ‘regressional’ trend. The owner of these hands might be in a paralysing crisis of overwhelm.

Those of us with distinctly different lines and glyphs in our two hands know that our interior ‘climate’ is very changeable. We might exude peace and serenity, while inwardly we suffer agitation and anxiety. Differences between the dermatoglyphic patterns, lines and forms of your active and passive hands reveal differences between what you project and what you keep private.

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