Systems of Hand Reading

other systemsIn the same way that there are thousands of seemingly contradictory, yet effective diagnostic and healing therapies, there are several different, yet reliable approaches to how to read hands. My topic today is to present some of the more popular western hand reading systems.

I go with the 10% technique, 90% love theory, which holds that if used with good intention, all healing and diagnostic systems work, even although they might seem to oppose each other. I am motivating for the validity, the potency, of all the differing hand reading systems. There is something for everyone.  In all styles of chirology, hand reading and palmistry, we have a powerful means by which to connect, support, listen, understand and heal.

My training was in the extraordinarily superb five element system. Five Element Chirology is a synthesis of the best of western palmistry and a five element Chinese Buddhist hand reading system. Qualities and principles of the elements earth, water, fire, air and chi are ascribed to the hands’ shapes and markings. In learning the ‘language of the elements’, we have an authentic, accurate, encompassing and user friendly approach to reading people’s hands. This is the system that I love, and teach, privately, to groups, and via home study and skype.

Old Indian and Vedic palmistry, which also encompasses several different approaches, is the basic source of all traditional ‘gypsy’ and other hand reading techniques in the west.  Emphasis is on mounts, lines and markings, with strong astrological and psychic overlays.

Many hand readers, myself included, work most predominantly with intuition. I use all the energetic information available to me, even ‘picking up’ information about a client from a distance, before we have met. When they arrive, my examining, printing and touching their hands is our point of departure. My five element system provides context, while my intuition is my guide.

Richard Ungar, director of the US based International Institute of Hand Analysis, teaches his unique, pioneering and congruent system, which is based on fingerprint pattern ‘ranking’, that assists people to find their Life Purpose, which is established by means of assessment of our fingerprint distribution.

Psychodiagnostic Chirology, the work of Dr. Arnold Holtzman in Israel, is another impressively innovative system of psychological diagnosis based on the forms and markings of people’s hands. PDC focuses on how personality takes shape, and how our behaviour assumes its patterns. Holtzman claims “this is the first and only system of hand-analysis which has been laboratory tested, studied and evaluated by senior academicians and professionals in the behavioural sciences.”

For the so-called left brained, scientifically minded practitioner, psychologist and researcher of hands Martijn van Mensvoort brings us a system called Multi-Perspective Palm Reading, where the hand is studied from 7 different perspectives, in order to make “a reliable, solid, specified hand-diagnosis” via an assessment of the hands’ shape, fingernails, finger morphology, the main and minor lines, dermatoglyphics, skin quality and hand flexibility.

The diversity of our hand reading systems unite us to a common purpose, that of helping our fellow man. It is 2012, a time of massive recalibration of our collective consciousness. We have the choice, now, to end individualism and division, to choose instead unity, and consciousness of our inter-connectedness.

Let us together hold hands, and pray, and speak, and listen

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