Palmistry – Crafty ….. or Craft?

crafty hand readingA law was passed in persecution of palmistry practitioners in England in 1530, which condemned palmists for their ‘greate subtyll and crafty meanes’ of deceiving people.

I am a hand reader. I work a craft that has long been deemed crafty.

Yes there are readers who still today use deception, guile, cunning and trickery, perpetrated by means of the spoken word, and monetary exchange. There remains a residual, and justifiable, prejudice against hand readers.

The dictionary defines ‘craft’ as a trade or an art, which requires special skill. To do this work, one of my skills is ‘the gift of the gab’. Crafty perhaps? Yet our craft is also magnificently, profoundly kind. The words we choose, which in chirology’s five element system of interpretation, are sourced in ‘the language of the elements’, are, as the late great hand analyst and researcher Noel Jaquin said, “the tools of our trade, and the medicine of our profession”.

I teach chirology as a craft, a synthesis of both science and art. In a chirology reading, we craft an experience, composed of earth, water, fire, air and chi. The earth is the loom, the water the texture, the fire the colours, the air the design, and chi is the thread.

Earth is the science, and the physical. Water symbolises service, and our emotions. Fire is about courage, and our vocational purpose. Air governs listening, and communication. Inextricable chi describes our spirituality, and is the ‘thread’ of the weaving, our intuitive perception.

The five element system of chirology, interwoven with traditional palmistry, evolves palmistry’s status. Hand analysis is a potent dialogue therapy. Five Element Chirology is a noble therapy, with a tremendously powerful counselling and coaching style and context.

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