The 5 Realms – Wholeness (Holiness) in our Hands

5 Realms - Holiness in our HandsShamans call it ‘pulling in your fibers’. Buddhists talk of ‘hungry ghosts’. Judaism speaks of fragmentation of soul. Our weakened fibers, the disenfranchised, fragmented bits of us, those aspects that, as a result of trauma, or karma, or by any other means that have gone absent without leave.

These are the abandoned, split off, shamed, needy, disconnected and wounded parts, that beg our recognition and love, who long to come home, who yearn for reclamation.

Through navigating the marvelous construct of Chirology’s 5 Realms during a reading, chirology helps bringing to light and integration the traumatized holes in our souls. The sources of our pain and loneliness (as well as our joys and successes) are quickly ‘diagnosable’ within the 5 Realms.

For a more detailed explanation of the 5 Realms visit /councelling-the-five-realms

What is happening in your life within your physical, emotional, vocational, mental and spiritual realms?

In becoming more conscious of the interplay of the layers of experience, we attain a cohesive sense of how well we are doing (or not) in each of our respective 5 Realms and their constituent parts.

To be well and strong, to pull in our fibers, to nourish our hungry ghosts, we invite the harmonious inter-relationship of our 5 Realms and their sub-categories into our lives.

I rely a lot on the 5 Realms in my hand reading practice because it is a pivotal part of chirology that truly works. Hand readers who use the construct of the 5 Realms will find context, content and a safety net. You are ensured a 100% satisfaction rate with your clients. You simply can’t go wrong. No need to have a constant stream of astonishingly psychic revelations flowing from your lips to their ears. Instead a simple, kindly, carefully worded reference to each of the component parts of their life guarantees that by the end of your time together your clients will feel more congruency within themselves.

You may not be able to fix the imbalances experienced by the person whose hands you read, or even your own realms. But identifying constituent parts of our multi-dimensionality brings an authority to our consciousness – and to the dialogue therapy that is the ancient craft of chirology.