Chirology and Counselling

chirology counsellingChirology is a powerful dialogue therapy. My job as palm reader is to try to help people, via my interpretation of the forms and markings of their hands, to share with me their story. The telling, and my bearing witness, while simultaneously touching, stroking and holding their hands, facilitates a shift of energy.  If you’ve ever sat with someone who is fully present, genuinely listening,looking into your eyes and encouraging you to speak openly about what it is youare going through, you’ll know what a relief it can be, just to have someoneto talk to. A good heart to heart chat does wonders. There is an alchemy, a‘magic in the telling’, that can literally be transformative.  There are many people who are intrigued with hand reading and who might even doa bit of ‘party palmistry’, but why is it that there are relatively few whoundertake to offer counselling with hand reading professionally? Perhaps thevery reason IS that this work is so intensely intimate, unifying and barrierbreaking.  Are you perhaps a person who is called to read people’s hands (I believe thiswork is ‘a calling’) but for whatever reason don’t quite feel that you‘have what it takes’ to offer hand readings professionally? If so, I urgeyou to set aside your fears and your prejudices. Find the courage withinyourself to take, with kindness and compassion, the hands of your fellow man inyours. You may have a life changing role to play, one that in turn helps you toembody your life purpose. Within the ‘language of the elements’, which is the system that we use tointerpret the meanings of the hands’ shapes, forms and markings, ischirology’s counselling ‘context’, known as ‘the five realms’

“Chirology’s Element System”

In counselling with hand reading, our accurate and compassionate choice of words is pivotal to the therapy. I love this quote by Noel Jaquin, who said: “Words are the tools of our trade, and the medicine of our profession”. He described how “Just as the artist must learn to blend his colours, so must the palmist must learn the art of blending words”.

Chirology teaches that all existence is composed of earth, water, fire, air and chi, that life comprises five element realms and that every feature of the hand has an element rulership. We choose words from the universal ‘language of the elements’ to help integrate people’s element realms.

Earth is the physical realm, where we look at the markers of security and stability in the person. Hands can reveal existing and predispositions to illnesses, financial circumstances and home and family circumstances.

Water is the emotional realm, the realm of the well being of the emotions, our friendships, relationships, compatibility, giving and receiving love and our willingness to feel inspired.

Fire is the vocational realm, where we find the person’s creative energy reflected in their hands. Fire level analysis helps define optimal work choices. What are they suited to vocationally? Fire represents action, will and joie de vivre in the person.

Air is the mental realm, where we analyse potentials, interests and hobbies. Air level analysis also represents subjective and external communication.

Chi is the spiritual realm where we discuss religious and spiritual beliefs. Chi rules intuition, the binding thread of chirology. Readers channel the information and the healing.

Shamans call it ‘pulling in your fibres’. Buddhists talk of ‘hungry ghosts’. Judaism speaks of fragmentation of soul. Our weakened fibres, the disenfranchised, fragmented bits of us, the aspects of our being that have gone absent without leave as a result of trauma, or karma, or by any other means, yearn to come home, yearn for our reclamation. Those split off, shamed, abandoned, needy, disconnected and wounded parts beg our recognition and love.

Lately I’ve found myself marvelling (again) at how brilliant the construct of the Five Realms is in chirology and how the sources of our pain and loneliness (as well as our joys and successes) are so quickly ‘diagnosable’ within the Five Realms.

What is happening in your life within your physical, emotional, vocational, mental and spiritual realms? In becoming more conscious of the interplay of the layers of experience, we attain a cohesive sense of how well we are doing (or not) in each of our respective Five Realms and their constituent parts. To be optimally well, we want our Five Realms and their sub-categories of experience to be functioning harmoniously.

The reliable Five Realms is core to Five Element Chirology. Hand readers who use the construct of the Five Realms will find context, content and a safety net. You are ensured a 100% satisfaction rate with your clients. You simply can’t go wrong. No need to have a constant stream of astonishingly psychic revelations flowing from your lips to their ears. Instead a simple, kindly, carefully worded reference to each of the component parts of their life guarantees that by the end of your time together your clients will feel more congruency within themselves. You may not be able to fix the imbalances experienced by the person whose hands you read, or even your own realms. But identifying constituent parts of our multi-dimensionality brings an authority to our consciousness – and to the dialogue therapy that is the ancient craft of chirology.

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