Glyphs – Arch – Earth

glyphs arch

Arches have no triradius and are composed of ridges that flow gently from one side of the fingertip to the other. Earth governed arches evoke the image of a simple, uncomplicated, steady and enduring natural hill.

The element of earth is solid, dependable and slow. People with many arches are supportive, reliable, serious minded and home loving. They have a deeply kind and nurturing love for family, animals and the earth. Quietness, peace, privacy and alone time are essential for their equanimity.

This pattern adds realistic pragmatism and seriousness of mind. Bearers are often hard working. They show up as being capable, with good concentration and fixity of purpose.

Other unpretentious earthy traits that are evident in people with arches on their fingertips include a certain inhibition, scepticism, caution and reserve. For them, adaptation to new ideas is slowed, and resistance to change increases.

This marker hints at manual skills in people who also have a gentle, sensual and healing sense of touch. Those with even one arch on their hands would bring a calming influence to a crisis situation.

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