Glyphs – Peacock’s Eye – Water/Air

Composite glyphs are composed of combinations of two main glyphs. In all humanity, there exist only two composite glyph patterns, double loops, and peacock’s eyes. The evocatively exquisite peacock’s eye glyph is composed of a loop (water), containing a whorl (air), in a teardrop shaped pocket. One triradius supports the loop and a second, smaller triradius resides under the whorl.

There are two variations of the pattern, the ‘central pocket loop’ and the more delicate ‘flare’ (on right), which has just a small kernel of converging ridges inside the loop.

In 5 element chirology, this is the only glyph that has dual rulership of two elements, water and air. The pattern bears resemblance to a tail feather of a peacock. Peacock’s symbolize peace and prosperity. Perhaps this is why the ancient lore of palmistry has long ascribed a blessing of protection to this arguably the most divine of the skin ridge patterns. Tradition say those with this glyph on a finger have a strong sense of self-preservation and will have luck in a dangerous situation.

The influences that this pattern exerts are further understood in the blending of the meanings for both loops and whorls.The deep feeling responses of fascination and inspiration that associate with loops are taken to another level under the influence of the discerning whorls that lie pocketed in their folds. Peacock’s eyes open portals of perception for their owners, who have, in their “extra eye”, the gift of intuitive insight; they experience visual and conceptual imagery that could enable them to look, with eyes of wonder, at life.

With this ‘extra eye of perception’, owners have design flair and are highly observant. Bearers of this marking work well in decorative or fine art or design, but a certain precision in their work will show up no matter what their job.

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