Glyphs – Loops – Water

glyphs loopLoop patterns flow inwards and re-curve to flow outwards on the same side as the in-flow. The water element, with her principles of receptivity, sensitivity and fluidity are represented in this glyph’s energetic formation.

It’s a good thing that loops are the most common of the fingerprints, because loops in hands bring emphasis to the realms of love, connection and belonging. In just the same way that water in nature seeks cohesion with more water, for people with loops, it’s all about connection. People, friends and social networks are their heart and lungs, which is why they do well in fields like human resources, public relations and event management. This is the marker of the ‘tribe’ or ‘heart’ person who is a follower more often than a leader.

Loops on fingertips also show open-mindedness, with intuitive understanding of human emotion. Include other water qualities of emotional sensitivity and empathy in the mix and the person will be drawn to working in care giving and service professions.

Imaginative and idealistic water types long for everything to be more harmonious. An inspiring piece of music brings tears to the eyes of people with loops. It is this sensitivity that could, as another example, influence their choosing a career in beauty or the arts.

Science knows that water, which destroys everything in time, is the most destructive force of our four tangible elements. Imagine a person who is responsive, giving, soft and co-operative, whilst also being ambitious, determined, or even manipulative, for powerful water surely ‘gets what it wants’.

These qualities, and many others less positive, such as being too impressionable, or manipulative, describe how our water element plays herself out in our temperaments.  In readings, interpreting the associated ‘redeemed’ or ‘unredeemed’ traits completely rely upon, and must be cross referenced to the overall consistency, shape, skin texture and lines of the hands.

  • Those of us with a full set of loops must keep our minds exercised, because research has shown that a full set of 10 loops on a pair of hands might show concentration difficulties.
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