9 Lesson Foundation Chirology Training


The perfect jam-packed with know-how course for those who would like to learn the basics. This course is also a good option for practicing therapist who would like to include chirology in their healing tool-kit.
This is a just us, private lesson online on Zoom course.

Payment terms on request.

9 Lesson Foundation Chirology Training with Jennifer Hirsch

About the Course:

  • course begins and continues as and when suits you
  • comprises 9 Zoom 1 hour lessons 
  • we explore all aspects of hand reading, past and present trends, including scientific health research
  • we identify and interpret the markings on the hands, e.g. morphology (shapes and forms), textures, dermatoglyphics, lines etc.
  • You will have 7 Modules of lectures and worksheets to fill and submit
  • together we explore the process of channeling information and healing energy, while holding a sacred and safe space
  • we develop our vocabulary based upon the principles of the 5 elements
  • after the 6th lesson you will have enough knowledge to begin ‘hand charts’, which means that you can begin to analyze hands

What You Receive:

  • 7 Modules ~ each contain sections of the step-by-step training
  • a pdf copy of my published book: ‘God Given Glyphs – Decoding Fingerprints – Chirology – the How-to of Hand Reading’
  • a comprehensive, thoroughly illustrated .pdf Manual containing the course information and lots of beautiful clear sample print illustrations
  • 2 x handy and helpful pdf illustrated ebooks
  • assorted sets of prints and weekly notes as reference guides for your studies
  • a certificate upon completion
“I have enjoyed learning all about Chirology. It has been structured, insightful and amazing.” Kim B. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

You set the pace. Do what you can, when you can. You might complete in 6 months, or take up to 18 months.

Yes. I do ask for an initial deposit. Thereafter we’ll arrange a payment plan.

I’m happy to meet with you early or late South African time, so the time differences are manageable.

There are 7 Modules with worksheets (lists of questions to answer) in the 9 Lesson course, and 9 Modules with worksheets in the 18 Lesson course. These do take time and focus; they get returned to me for marking. Once you’ve completed your theory worksheets, your homework is to practice what you’ve learned, such as coloring in lines, starting to offer readings etc.

Yes, you can. You’ll want to commit to building a hand reading practice. This  takes willingness to invest energy into branding and marketing yourself. In the lessons, I’ll support you with how-to recommendations.

Psychic, clairvoyant or intuitive skills are not a prerequisite when learning how to read hands. With a grounding in theory, observing many hands, cross-referencing, listening and practice, your intuition develops.

No. Chirology is not an accredited allied health service. There is no South African or global governing body that sets a standard of practice. You assume your own authority.

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