Illustrated Chirology Palmistry and Hand Reading

Illustrated Chirology Palmistry and Hand Reading


The essential guide for anyone wanting to learn to read hands, either professionally or as a hobby. Full Color or Black and White interior options.  Designed for hand reading beginners and experts alike, this chirology and palmistry reference guidebook is an encyclopedic presentation of hundreds of tutorials, illustrations, photographs and hand print samples. The informative and easy to read lessons offer a step-by-step systematic approach to the study and practice of chirology and palmistry.

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16.8 x 24 cm
279 pages

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Illustrated Chirology Guidebook for Hand Readers includes:

  • All the information needed to become a confident and proficient hand reader.
  • Explorations of all aspects of past and present trends of the craft of hand reading.
  • References to scientific health research and hands.
  • In-depth explanations of the element system of interpretation.
  • Tried and tested meanings handed down from traditional western palmistry systems.
  • Know-how for using chirology and palmistry as a diagnostic tool to genuinely understand yourself and others.
  • Information about the significance and role of intuitive perception and psychic attunement in the hand reading craft.
  • Suggestions and techniques for how to trust yourself and your integrity as a hand reader
  • Guidelines on how-to listen and how to speak; your verbal delivery, structured within the 5 Realms counseling and coaching model.
  • Hundreds of illustrations to help you to identify and interpret the shapes, textures, dermatoglyphics, lines and all other features of the hands.
  • A clear and thorough investigation into each and every component of the hand readers craft.


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