Palmistry Signs & Symbols on the Mounts

Jen’s latest publication: The special signs and symbols in our palms are sometimes hard to identify. Suited for beginner and advanced palm readers, this vividly illustrated book reveals the how-to of both finding and interpreting stars, crosses, pentagrams, triangles, squares and other signs in lines. Includes symbology of the mounts. Tap into the mysteries of the chiromancers of the past. Now available in hard copy and Kindle from Amazon

Old palmistry tradition holds that each symbol reveals either gain or loss, luck or trouble, peace or conflict, honesty or deceit, along with many other possibilities. The energies that the symbol exudes activates the intuitive palm reader’s psychic perceptions.

“Palmistry Signs & Symbols on the Mounts” includes:

  • Over 100 hand prints with stunning close-up images of the symbols.
  • Explanations of the historical symbology of the palmar mounts.
  • Each mount’s associated qualities and characteristics.
  • Well researched traditional and up to date meanings for the special signs and symbols on the mounts.
  • Preservation of the amusing fatalistic meanings of yesteryear.
  • A look into Gypsy palm reading and fortune telling.
  • Information about the link between palmistry and astrology.


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