The bracelets are the horizontal lines on our wrists at the base of our hands. They are also called rascettes, bangles, the bracelets of life and the bracelets of health, wealth, and happiness. Most people have three, and occasionally four bracelets.

In the east, bracelets on people’s wrists are seen a being auspicious sign of longevity and wealth. Traditionally, each clearly defined and intact wrist line represents twenty-five to thirty years of health, happiness, and financial success.

In the west, hand readers assign little significance to the bracelets, except perhaps for the bracelet nearest the palm, which may reflect the health of the reproductive organs. In the hands of both men and women, if their top rascette bends or breaks and lifts toward the palm, it is believed that their fertility and the general health of their sexual organs are at risk. Prostate conditions, menstrual irregularity, uterine disease and misfortune related to birthing are aspected.

Messy, broken or islanded bracelets are reported by palmists writing online to portend kidney, stomach, heart and lung diseases and early death. Apparently, the owner of imperfect bracelets is ‘born to be weak’ and has unsound organs, with infertility. Other rubbish “meanings” include that they will bring misfortune to their children, are reckless, have career setbacks and bankruptcy, never take good care of themselves, will have a bitter and lonely life, and, horror of horrors, that they will lose their first child. There is no research in modern day chirology that in any way substantiates these unprincipled and unethical superstitions.

But online too is an interesting legend from ancient Greece, where it’s said that without intact bracelets, women were prohibited to marry. In Indian tradition too, marriages were prohibited if the woman’s bracelets were deficient, so there might well be some truth in the belief that strong rascettes represent reproductive health.

As with all other hand markings, bracelets would need to be interpreted in conjunction with other hand features, including cross-referencing the earth (life) and minor air (health) lines, especially if these lines in any way intersect with, or join a bracelet. If the top, first bracelet is clear, deep, unbroken and good-colored, without gaps or chains, this might add to the person’s health, with each additional bracelet representing further constitutional strength.

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