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These articles about the ancient craft of chirology, palmistry and hand reading offer insight into what your hands might reveal.

Children’s Hands

“The Hand is the Instrument of the Mind.”   Maria Montessori Our children’s lives are initially in our hands, but ultimately their life path lies in the forms and markings of theirs. While this might sound like palmistic superstition, the truth is that when subjected...

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Chirology – Passion and Purpose

Sounds so easy. We are told “your passion is your purpose”. Yet we struggle so acutely with first of all finding our passion, not to mention then figuring a way to make a viable income doing what we most enjoy. The first, obvious and critically tragic reason for this...

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Nail Biting Times

When we meet someone who bites their nails, we know they are stressed. But the umbrella term “stressed” has many facets. Biting away at nail cartilage, which in five element chirology is ruled by the earth element, signals a stunting of growth. Underlying the...

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Differences between Chirology and Palmistry

I call the system of five element chirology that I teach ‘the evolution of palmistry’. Chirology embraces Palmistry, in that traditional western Palmistry is a storehouse for research, and a treasure of hand reading know-how. Chirology is an umbrella term, meaning...

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Chirology – Telling Your Story

It is said ‘you can’t be in the now until you have dealt with the then’. In our longing for well, happy, strong, joyful, in the now, positive feelings, many of us must first enter the terrain, with honesty and courage, of the then. Telling your story facilitates...

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Simian Line – One

Simian lines occur when the water (heart) line, which relates to feelings, and the air (head) line, which governs thought, have joined, to form one transverse line across the palm. The primary associations for the line are intensity, tenacity of purpose, perseverance...

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