Simian Line – One

Simian lines occur when the water (heart) line, which relates to feelings, and the air (head) line, which governs thought, have joined, to form one transverse line across the palm. The primary associations for the line are intensity, tenacity of purpose, perseverance and energy.

People with simian lines can’t readily separate their feelings and their thinking. Depth of both mental and emotional experience is acute. Their intertwined emotions and intellect conflict. They often experience a great deal of inner tension, with undercurrents of uneasiness, while not realising that others have a different internal mental and emotional climate.

Simian owners have laser-like focus of mental energies, single-minded concentration and the ability to focus on one project at a time. While they are focused upon their task at hand, it is impossible to speak to them, they do not hear! Or, the complete opposite – I’ve met a bearer of two simian lines who is an astonishingly efficient multi-tasker!

Tasks, subjects, or emotional issues may be fixated upon with an obsession that could even become destructive. But the positive and flip side of obsession is focus, dedication, and commitment, so capacity for accomplishment and happiness may be greatly enhanced if they go all out, heart and soul, to carry out a chosen task.

Much depends on the shape, skin texture, lines, glyphs and other of the hands’ features. Some simian owners’ mental experiences are so emotionally felt that in situations that call for objective calm, their emotions overcome their reason and they react to situations with deep passion. For others the complete reverse might apply. Their emotional experiences have such a busy mental component that they present an inappropriately chilly detached or cool exterior even whilst in the midst of an emotional crisis.

There are many differing, often negative sounding and contradictory indications, but there can be no dispute that owners of Simian lines are highly gifted with unique, special skills and talents.

They might quest for self-understanding, becoming profound seekers of inner and spiritual development. In fact they are often adept at and highly successful in business. Many are immensely intelligent, and highly successful in their careers, perhaps motivated by material security.

Challenging meanings include their perhaps being rather silent and withdrawn types, who feel misunderstood, perhaps loners, shy or socially inept. It has even been said that the Simian personality is ‘entombed within themselves’. They may be dogmatic or closed, tending to see things in black or white, with no grey areas, with emphatic bias, either for, or against.

In traditional palmistry, the simian line is associated with crimes of passion. Rather vulnerable in relationships, this type of simian personality tries to absorb their partner into themselves, and to possess them, body and soul. Their challenge might be jealousy, or at very least, they have a devoted commitment to their partner. Or, they might withhold emotionally and try to run their relationships like a business.

The marking is fairly commonly found on people born with Down’s Syndrome. In medical science the simian line is recognized as a ‘minor physical anomaly’ (MPA). Simian lines are also associated with other genetic and non-genetic medical conditions.

NOTE: Not to be confused with the so called Sydney line, which is a long air line that runs across the full width of the palm.

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