Chirology – Telling Your Story

telling your storyIt is said ‘you can’t be in the now until you have dealt with the then’. In our longing for well, happy, strong, joyful, in the now, positive feelings, many of us must first enter the terrain, with honesty and courage, of the then. Telling your story facilitates integration, acceptance and healing of your “then”, your past. Today’s blog is about how chirology helps with transformation, to living life in joy and gratitude, of what is, now.

In chirology, we inquire into your hand’s markings, and their meanings. This investigation of your lines, glyphs, hand shape and other hand markings, oft called a ‘tool’ or ‘point of departure’ into the psyche, takes us into your story. We rapidly discover the component parts of your life, both current time issues and your past, the who, why, how and what has happened. The dialogue therapy that is five element chirology, the this happened, that happened, is designed to help you to rapidly attain, and then to maintain, an integrated, connected relationship with your often deeply buried feelings.

The sharing is like a ping-pong game, batting the ball back and forth, back and forth. When the ball is in the air, you gather and share the content of your life. When the ball bounces, it bounces into an identifiable feeling. We attend to your story, this happened, that happened, he said, she did, to connect you to your emotions.

Perhaps you have a faint earth (life) line, revealing how tired, ungrounded, overwhelmed and scared you are feeling. Stars and other disturbances of your water (heart) lines suggest trauma, shock, despair, grief, sadness. Your hands might be hard, red, and inflexible, in which case you’d share with me the reasons for your anger. Or your hands are pale, soft, with too many lines, and you are in a crisis of confidence.

Maybe, with your widely held, straight fingers with a full set of loop glyphs and wide set thumbs, we establish that you have many friends, and are increasingly more confident and happy, yet with underlying anxiety. And so it goes, establishing this (initially) vitally important criteria for your healing, the relationship between your story, and your feelings. But this is just the beginning.

In truth, our stories are designed for eternal back and forth. We might spend years playing this game every which way, obsessed with the analysis, with trying to understand, with getting it right, with our delivery, with our results, and with our emotional score. This shows that, that shows this. You talk, I listen, I listen, you talk, therapist after therapist after therapist. Eventually, we are tired. We look to end the mind-game, to put down the bats and the balls, and to rest.

It is in this pause, when our story line has downloaded, and our feelings are fully felt, that we enter our spacious, peaceful, eternal essence. Within the ‘chi’ of chirology’s Five Realms counselling context, you are invited to put down your bat and ball.

So in a reading you’ll first tell your story, so as to feel your feelings in your body. Then you are invited to say yes, to come to rest, in chi, in the essence of the is what it is, in the still point of consciousness that is our true design. With my approach to chirology, transformation, and not a mere ‘feel good’, ‘band-aid on your wound’ variety of analytical translation, is the ultimate offering.

Welcome chi, let what is, be.

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