Glyphs – 4 Main Patterns – Radial Loop – Water

When the hand is divided in half vertically, the thumb side is the radial, and the baby finger side is the ulnar. The in-flow and the outflow of radial loops’ ridges are both on the thumb side of the fingertip. There is one triradius. Radial loops are reversed ulnar loops.

Mostly, radial loops reside on water (index) fingers, sometimes on earth (middle) fingers and more occasionally on fire (ring) fingers. Finding a radial loop on a thumb or baby finger would be very unusual.

The radial side of our hands represents our relationship with the external. The open side of the radial loop glyph is vulnerably exposed to the outer world. Radial loops open so receptively, which could compel their owners toward the hospitality, service and healing professions. Radial loops often belong to the emotionally sensitive counsellor or motherly caretaker, who embraces, ‘takes in’, nurtures and protects.

But if the owner was severely criticized as a child, their confidence is harmed, and they look to external validation as a source of self-esteem. This formative conditioning of not being good enough results in the need to please. Like the savior who self-sacrifices and then feels drained, care givers with radial loops might need to better define their personal boundaries.

Radial loop owners absorb nuances, calibrate people and situations, take cues and improvise, so as to fit in with what is expected of them. On a hand with long straight water fingers with strong thumbs, the person is can individuate and assume their own authority. This glyph pattern can also signal a versatile, adaptable self-employed entrepreneur.