Length of Your Life in Your Lines

Life in LinesThere remains in traditional palmistry a pervasive myth, which suggests that a palm reader is able to foretell the length of your life, from the length of your “life” line. 

Yet many people with a short life line live a long life, just as many who die young have long life lines. From whence this fatalistic idea, that a short line puts you at risk of a short life?

What does it mean if you have a short line, if it doesn’t mean a short life? The myth dates back to mediaeval times, when markings on the hands were believed to have literal and specific interpretation, and superstition was rife. The focus of palmists of the day was on prediction of events, such as marriage, children, monetary gains or losses, and death. The future was described chronologically, and chiromancy, the divinatory component of chirology, prevailed.

In those years people were born into their station in life. Whereas today we understand the principle of free will, and we have more freedom to determine our destiny, they had little opportunity to elevate, nor to in any way improve their circumstances. Fate and destiny were one and the same, and there was none of the social mobility that we enjoy today. Fortune tellers, who assumed the position of being able to foretell the future, were consulted for their opinion of not just of when death would occur, but often of the manner of death, such as by hanging.

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Now hundreds of years have passed, “fate” has lost it’s meaning, and “destiny” is a component of the raw material with which we are able to craft our lives. The tradition of predicting the length of life has neither authenticity nor value. Our evolution of consciousness and circumstance has changed the interpretation of the short “life” line.

The term “earth line” is used in chirology, rather than the palmistic term, “life line”. The element earth is the building block upon which the most basic requirement for life, our physicality and our health, rests. The presence of a well formed earth line assures us of vitality, vigour and strength, all earth principles. An earth line clear of markings, even if it is short, bestows endurance, and a reliable (another earth principle) regenerative energy.

A distinction is now made between identifying a possible early death, vs. the indication of the degree of will to live. If a short earth line appears of good quality, deep and pink, clearly visible, neither too faint nor too dark, the owner has a resource of joie de vivre and vitality, which those with a longer but poorer quality line may be hard pressed to keep up with. For this person, all must be done as if there is no tomorrow. A great deal of activity can be crammed into a short amount of time.

If the short earth line is very faint, it shows that the person’s health and vitality is diminished. Low energy and tiredness are characterised, but neither time nor date of death can be predicted from short earth line.

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