Counselling – The 5 Realms

5 Realms

The 5 human realms are the physical, emotional, vocational, intellectual and spiritual areas of our life.

Governed by earth, water, fire, air and chi respectively, the 5 Realms are fundamental to chirology counselling.

In referring to related markings of the hands and then systematically addressing each of the realms in a reading, the client is heard, understood and encouraged while insight enters every level, to help them to find balance physically, emotionally, vocationally, intellectually and spiritually.

This structured approach ensures that the chirology reading is not a random hit and miss affair and that the person genuinely feels that the component parts of their life have at least to some extent been identified, enabling them to look at the bigger picture and to gain perspective.

The Spiritual Realm

Governed by principles of chi. This level of discussion and energy transference symbolises and honours religious and spiritual orientation and relationship with the higher power of our understanding.

The Intellectual Realm

Governed by air principles. Here we identify and define our intellectual propensities, hobbies and interests, and look at how to improve communication subjectively and with others.

The Vocational Realm

Governed by fire energy. This level of chirology counselling pertains to our work and career and to how we express ourselves in life. Here we discuss people’s fundamental available energy for living and degree of evolving creative expression (as opposed to destructivity).

The Emotional Realm

Governed by water. Often the core of the consultation, as this relates to the well being and functions of emotional balance, rewarding friendships and intimate relationships.

The Physical Realm

Governed by earth. In a reading it is here that we categorises those aspects of life which provide security. These include health, finances, family life, home life and country of habitat.

For optimal happiness, each of these elemental realms (or levels) will ideally be working in balanced inter-relationship in our lives. Clarity and fulfilment is sought by every person at each level. If there is an excess in one, there is often a deficit, or certainly there will be ramifications, in another. Identifying imbalances helps people to make more informed choices. Helping a person to understand which arenas need focus can aid self acceptance and insight. I sometimes describe the realms to the client by writing them down and asking if he or she would like to discuss any aspect in greater depth. The teaching of the realms brings a greater sense of potential integration into their consciousness.

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