Thumb Sucking

44. thumb suckingChildren who suck their thumbs are, from a chirological perspective, specifically receiving spiritual comfort. Thumbs are ruled by ‘chi’, so the concept of sucking from them means you are drinking, imbibing from spirit, receiving nourishment and inspiration from the creative, vital, God principle.

Our receiving an imaginative, inspired idea from existence, one that offers food for thought or deed, is surely one of life’s most divine pleasures. The saying ‘I don’t know where that (idea) came from, I just “sucked it out of my thumb”’ makes perfect sense in chirology terms.

To highlight just few of (the surprisingly many) palmar markings that reveal a heightened creative imagination in a person. Glyph patterns on Moon mounts always reveal a strong inner life. The ‘memory loop’, a teardrop shaped glyph, heightens in a person their intuitive awareness of the non-material realms of dreams, myths and symbols. Moon mounts that bulge outward on the sides of the hands are called ‘curves of creativity’. These fleshy protuberances represent a source of potential in a person who will feel despair if they don’t ‘give voice to their soul’ through creative endeavour.

‘Style’ loops, glyph patterns which run diagonally under fire (ring) fingers, signal in a person their admiration of elegance and their flair with colour, décor and design. Whorls on fire (ring) fingertips are considered to be the ‘classic sign of the artist’. Peacock’s eye glyphs on ring fingertips also show flair, design sense and colour awareness.

The ‘girdle of Venus’ is the name given to any lines that run above the main water (heart) line, across under the fingers. Often found on the hands of highly creative people, girdles mark the sensitive idealist who adores beauty. Then there is the ‘writer’s fork’, which looks like a snake’s tongue at the end of the air line, another signal of a versatile person who ‘thinks out the box’.

After imbibing, receiving and imagining our ideas, what signs might there be on our hands that help us to execute an outward bound, creatively inspired flow? How could we determine if a person’s concepts might flower into deeds, or if their ideas will forever remain in the realm of thought?

Well, this question brings us straight back to thumbs. Arguably the strongest marker of discipline in a set of hands is a straight, wide-set thumb with a large tip. Straight thumbs ‘encourage self-mastery’ and show an uncompromising, unbending determination. Another signal of a person with a work ethic who gets things done is well etched full length minor earth (fate) lines. Vertical fate lines run up the middle of the palms. Owners will honour their commitments. People with oblong palms and short fingers (fire shaped hands) and firm, dry (air) skin texture are also do-ers.

Destiny is a child of action. May your inspired ideas meet in you your discipline, will, purity of intention, hope, order and excellence.

2 thoughts on “Thumb Sucking”

  1. I sucked my thumb until the age of 12. The only negative effect this had on me was that I ended up with a bad overbite, which impacted on my self confidence. I have however corrected this in adulthood. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my intelligence, my imagination, or my presence of mind. I have successfully (and mainly single handedly) brought up two wonderful, caring and independent children (now adults) while at the same time building a successful career.

    I do not understand the phrase “do not get physical mental stabilities as their age” unless you are saying as thumbsuckers age they become mentally unstable? I am 53 years old and there is nothing wrong with my mental abilities – I have an IQ of above 130, and would not have achieved a position of senior management in a very large and successful corporation if I was mentally challenged in any way whatsoever.

    One persons experiences with a small number of thumb sucking individuals cannot possibly be considered as meaningful in a world inhabited by 7 billion people.

  2. Adult thumb suckers might seek and feel comfort and have much imagination, but they will have less presence of mind. Zahid Khyzer has kindly and informatively shared that:

    “it not a good habit at all, at any case, any age, it reduces mental abilities, yes the person is more imaginative, but has less presence of mind, its a very unlucky habit.
    It increase more chances of stomach pains and ailments, personally I have seen some practical examples as a learner of palmistry, thumb sucking kids, or any age do not get physical mental stabilities as their age progresses!”

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