The Hollow of the Palm

hollow plain of mars“Hollow palms signal karmic debt.” This is what my first palmistry teacher taught me. That the look and feel of the middle of the palms, or ‘plains of Mars’, represent “where the battles of life takes place”. That if they are hollow, and more so if they are rayed with very many lines, that life’s efforts are intensified.

Palms look more hollow if the surrounding mounts are large. Hand readers rather un-scientifically ‘measure’ the fleshy protuberances of the palmar surface, or ‘mounts’, in relation to each other, by using touch, sight and intuition.

Some people really do have extremely hollow palms. Their hands feel noticeably thin in the middle. The flexor tendons are visible, with even deeper furrows evidenced alongside them. Before interpreting this feature in isolation, we cross reference to the strength of the earth (life) lines, the shape of the hands and the skin colour and texture, as well as looking at several other criteria. But generally, this is not a good look for health or for reserves of stamina.

I agree with my old teacher Bryan that significantly hollow palms don’t make for ease of passage. I hear a tough life story from hollow-handed people. Although this hand formation is often found on those who knew early exile from home, they weren’t ‘born free’. These people are not ‘free spirits’.

And yet there is lemonade in the lemon of very hollow palms. There is also a saying about this hand feature, that “your beggars bowls will always be full”. I have found this to be true. The person may be cushioned by their family. Also, they are not lazy, if anything there is a tendency in them too to quite literally work their hands to the bone. Even with their challenged energy levels, they are resourceful. The unredeemed has within its core the redeemed, the positive polarity.

Some hands have a noticeably firm, developed, flat centre of palm. Hands that are thick in the middle belong to strong, resilient, spirited, involved, outgoing, generous people. While they are often tested in accepting, they’ll not hold grudges. This hand feature shows endurance and survivorship.

2 thoughts on “The Hollow of the Palm”

  1. thanks for insightful questions/thoughts
    most hollow palmed hands are firm even bony so I’d suggest to rest often, to listen to your body and accept that your pace needs gentle acceptance from you, not your criticism, to seek inner contentment with meditation and yoga practice every day, to release resentments and to laugh as often as possible.

    Career wise perhaps the hollow palmed person prefers to live and work quietly, unobtrusively. They are not lazy and may even be very focused hard workers but driven from some inner anxiety and would work better at a pace that they themseves set rather than rigid discipline that is imposed from external source.

  2. hello mam,
    would u plz tell how to recover from the effects of hollow palms?what habits should one adopt to nullify its effect?
    how does this “hollow” affect a person’s career?

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