Warts – Scars – Calluses – Freckles

Our hands are infinitely multi-dimensional and any number of hand characteristics offer meanings for dialogue. Today we begin our conversation with noticing any scars, warts, calluses or freckles on a pair of hands.

A scar on your hand is a wound that has healed, yet still the scar remains. For hand readers, your scar may reveal a deeper trauma from within the area of life that the wounded mount symbolises, which can be soothed with sensitive dialogue.

It’s hard to see yourself as beautiful when you have warts on your hands. Warts might aspect a lot of self-judgement, being irritated with yourself and mentally overloaded, with things generally feeling out of control. Louise Hay says that warts are ‘the manifestation of hateful emotions’. They are caused by strains of human papilloma virus which cause skin to grow faster than normal.

Calluses which form mysteriously (without there being a lifestyle or occupational cause) show an uncompromising hardening of the temperament in relation to the area of life governed by the areas of the hands on which they appear. For astonishing close-up photographs of the mysteriously large, thick calluses on Barack Obama’s two hands, take a look this well illustrated, controversial analysis written by the Israeli chirologist Arnold Holtzman http://www.pdc.co.il/obama.htm

Considered a lucky sign in traditional palmistry, freckles in the palms of your hands are ‘exclamations’ that enliven your good fortune. The meanings for what type of luck to expect is drawn from the area of life represented by the mount upon which the freckle appears.

Think of it, for eons people have surely sat together, touching hands and holding close eye contact with each other. This alone is ultimately intimate. Bring in the acute observation that our hands are our personal maps for self-enquiry. Add some know-how of chirology’s five element system of interpretation. Find the courage to speak your truth, open your heart and be willing to touch and be touched by another. Then the magic in the telling during a chirology reading becomes alchemical, sometimes even life changing.

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