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Whorl patterns are formed from concentric or spiraling skin ridges.

Two triradii support whorls, one on either side. Whether in bull’s eye or spiral form, the pattern easily evokes impressions of an inaccessible closed circuit.

The isolated, solitary and lonely image of “the tree that stands in the desert” is a metaphor for the whorl pattern’s psychological profile.

The element air associates with thought, theory, analysis, ideology and communication. People with whorls are curious and observant. They are independent thinkers, who want ‘to know’, and then often, ‘to teach’.

Rather than following others’ regulations, whorl types are self-reliant. Often self-employed in service professions, these are not the “yes, sir, no sir, three bags full sir” compliant type employees. Whorls aspect the individualist who works best alone and unsupervised.

Whorl owners are private people who need breathing space. Because of the tendency to detach and close off the deepest part of themselves, they might experience challenges with sustaining intimate relationships.

In traditional Indian palmistry, whorls are called chakras. Here is a (typically fated) fingerprint formula from Indian folklore:

One finger is happiness
Two fingers indicates honor in the courts of kings
Three fingers is a sign the subject will become wealthy
Four fingers the subject will become a pauper
Five fingers indicates a hedonist
Six fingers indicates passion satisfied
Seven fingers is a sign of virtue
Eight fingers indicates one prone to disease
Nine fingers predicts the rise of a king
Ten fingers signals the higher man, the Brahman who realizes Self

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  1. Dear Jennifer
    I would like to share something on 10 whorls.

    Way back in 1972, when I just started reading palms, I was very lucky to see the hands of a medical practioner. He had large hands, al the ridges were clear, and those beautiful 10 whorls with the riges or furrows so clear. At that time, anything in palmistry or astrology was linked to mystery and this is a very common things, especailly in the East. Seeing all his mounts well-developed and the hand pink I predicted many good things for him. In his jovial manner he wished me well.

    This doctor was rich and had good upbringing. Apart from this, he was well-informed and I was given to understand that almost 2-3 years he would go the States to update himself and acquire new knowledge in the field of medicine. Dynamism along with knowledge was his hall mark. He used to write on social issues and support good causes.

    At that time I did not have much of the scientific temperament. It was only awe and mystification of things. I am also given to understand that the immortal Dr. Albert Einstein had 8 whorls on his hands. As there are a lot of write ups about Dr. Einstein, we can understand him very well so far as the glyphs are concerned. His life history reflects in these whorls along with a very fine Air (Head) line.

    I ask all the readers of this group to come out with their comments because we need a lot of input to develop the stdudy of dermatoglyphics further.

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