Glyphs – Tented Arch – Fire

glyph tentedarchTented arches are the least common of the glyphs. They mostly show up on water and occasionally on earth fingers. It is rare to find them on thumbs or fire or air fingers. The pattern evokes the image of fiery volcanic stirrings (the triradius) underlying the mountain (the arch). One can visually see the powerful energy potential in the pattern.

People with tented arches may have the restlessness and erratic spontaneity of a volcano! While suffering terrible inner intensity and no serenity, they could be hyper-active and burn the candle at both ends. Tented arches reveal underlying tension, sensitivity and anxiety in a person who is vulnerable to exploding, erupting and cracking up. When the fire element is strong in the hands, it may be that the person is too much for themselves. Activity, creativity, energy, enthusiasm and impulsiveness are fire traits.

Some tented arch owners have vigorous pioneering and leadership qualities. Perhaps they are so passionately fired up about their beliefs that they endeavor to reform or “fix” the lives of others. Owners could find that their zealous beliefs may be misplaced and take the form of a fervent “crusade”. Rampant fire is aggressive and dangerous. This degree of hot headed intensity becomes unstable.

If however the owner’s hands are large, soft or moist, opposite traits, of listlessness and procrastination show up. It is as if the earth influence of the arch that forms the ‘draped tent’ over the central fire ruled triradius smothers fire’s reach. They are unable to harness and direct their fire energies, and instead become paralyzed with heavy feelings like inertia and despondency.

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