Chirology Manual – How to Read Hands


The creation of this Manual evolved over many years of studying and teaching chirology and palmistry. The contents of these pages present how I taught myself how to read hands and how I teach the craft to others. In the early 90’s, the first manual I constructed was a mere 40 pages of the basics of chirology’s five element system. Over time, I’ve improved and added to the samples and the texts and now the contents comprehensively cover all aspects of how to read hands.

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Chirology Manual includes:

  • Guide to how to take hand prints
  • An in-depth explanation of the five element system of how to interpret hands
  • The 5 Realm Model of counseling and coaching with chirology
  • Discussions about prediction and intuition
  • Meanings for handshakes, gestures, sizes and colors of hands
  • Explanations of the relevance of hand shapes and skin textures
  • Presentations on all the palmar mounts
  • Illustrations and interpretations for both digital and palmar dermatoglyphics
  • Intensive coverage of finger and thumb formations
  • Well-illustrated know-how about palmar lines
  • Visual representations of many palmar markings and their tried and tested accurate meanings
  • 208  illustrations
  • A comprehensive reference index


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