Unleash Your Potential as a Hand Reader: 6 Inspiring Reasons to Become a Chirologist

Curiosity about chirology never goes away. Once you feel the call, you won’t get off that train.

But where would you like it to take you?

Here are a few reasons why I travelled the full distance. 

1. The Study of Hands Begins with You. 

Knowing your hands means knowing yourself; learning the craft of chirology accelerates self-development. When offering professional readings, you’ll find yourself at the cutting edge of your own growth. 

2. Hands Offer Endless Fascination. 

They are a multidimensional macrocosm depicted in two accessible microcosms. Their infinite variables are endlessly juicy and fascinating to gaze upon. Besides, the study is an empowering field of specialization. 

3.  Divert Your Career.

Include this power modality in your existing spiritual healing practice or begin to divert your career. Deep in your heart you know you’re born to be a healer. Chirology can be the powerful foundational modality on which to build or expand your healing practice. I was a busy massage therapist when I incorporated chirology into my practice.

4. Find your Purpose. 

Immersion in the craft of chirology brings a deep sense of being “on purpose”. Embrace your mission; over the years you’ll ease into the joy of having a purposeful vocation. In choosing chirology, you can be one of the lucky few to be living a life of purpose.  

5. Chirology as a Source of Income. 

Envision this: you’re consulting as a one-on-one reader, you’re offering talks, workshops and teaching hand reading courses. You are available to read hands at entertainment functions. You have the opportunity here to  creatively brand and market your offerings. 

6.  You’re in Service to Humanity.

You use your God given gifts of love, empathy, compassion, insight. You are a wisdom keeper. You’re helping others to unlock opportunities; you’re holding space for other’s transformation. 

Offer your sacred bundle. Step into your calling. 

All my love


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